Keystone Click's Favorite Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

Ryan Mehaffey
Keystone Click Super Bowl Commercials

As usual, everyone around the world is buzzing about last night's Super Bowl extravaganza.  The Giants took home the trophy, but as suspected, much of the follow up discussions surround the commercials instead of the actual game. 


The Annual World Championships of Advertising occurred last night.  All of the World's top brands duked it out for our loyalty as customers and it was great to watch.  There were some hilarious spots, some duds, and a few favorites.  Mainly it kept us entertained until the game got exciting in those last five minutes.


So what we decided to do was ask each of our team members what their favorite commercial was! Enjoy and be sure to comment below to let us know what your favorites were.


Lori Highby - President

Fiat 500 Abarth:

Mike McGarry - Internet Marketing Specialist

Bridgestone Performance Balls:

Jim Jennings - Lead Developer

Honda CR-V "Matthew's Day Off"

Paul Anderson - Front End Developer

The Dictator - Official Trailer

Ryan Mehaffey - Social Media Strategist

Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" - Clint Eastwood "It's Halftime America"

Elizabeth Strunk - Graphic Designer

Chevrolet - "Happy Grad"

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Ryan Mehaffey

Ryan Mehaffey joined the Keystone Click team back in August 2011.  According to his Marquette University degree he is some sort of a specialist in Marketing and International Business.  When he isn't exploring the world of internet marketing he is most likely playing basketball, mountain biking, golfing, or going to punk rock shows.

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