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KSC Blog Featured Articles

Maximize Your Business Impact | How to Use Facebook Chatbots
By: Matt Curtis
Over the past few years Facebook has been doing everything it can to isolate and enlarge their messenger service. What started as a simple messaging app has grown leaps and bounds as Facebook continues their aim to be the one stop shop for social interaction.   This year has seen the introduction and emphasis moved onto chatbots. Chatbots offer a variety of different uses ranging from casual conversations to direct...
Web Traffic Numbers Got You Down?
By: Kevin Breindel
You’ve done it! After months of work (as well as a hefty financial investment) you are finally ready to launch your new website. All the planning, designing, and optimizing is in place and you are ready to sit back and watch sales skyrocket behind the updated user experience.   Then you launch your site…..and traffic drops….A LOT.   Nothing is more terrifying for an online business owner than seeing a sudden drop in...
I Readit on Reddit! | Marketing On Reddit
By: Matt Curtis
Earlier you might’ve saw our latest infographic that broke down the current state of Reddit and how it’s growing at an astounding rate (If you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend you check it out, the numbers are actually pretty crazy!). We wanted to revisit the topic and break it down a little more from our point of view so you know exactly how and why you should be marketing on Reddit!   Why Use Reddit? Reddit,...
Content Marketing: What's the Big Deal?
By: Alli Kuhlmann
As my colleagues and I entered an event room at the Italian Community Center in downtown Milwaukee for a PRSA Wisconsin event, we sat down at the front table without a second thought. Little did we know that in the chair directly next to us, the event’s speaker, Pam Didner, would sit down for lunch.   If I had to choose anyone to listen to for an hour, Pam Didner would definitely be in my top 5. Before she even...
The New Social Media Marketing Colossal Opportunity
By: Matt Curtis
As marketers, we’re always looking for innovative ways to get through to our consumers. No matter what target market you’re striving to reach, it’s possible to grow your customer base with the help of one platform—Reddit. The opportunities that have already begun to sprout are minimal compared to where this site can take marketing industries. With forums ranging from questionnaires to insightful guidelines, Reddit is the...
Keystone Marketing Institute | Marketing the Summer Blockbuster
By: Kevin Breindel
I love summertime. The days are longer, it’s beautiful out, and I can finally get away with wearing my Crocs in public (or at least I try.) Living in Wisconsin, I spend a third of the year digging my car out of the snow, so you can be sure that when summer finally hits I am more than ready to enjoy everything it has to offer.    One of those things is the summer movies. Every year around this time we are graced with a...
12 National Days You'll Want to Put on Your Calendar
By: Alli Kuhlmann
Over the past few months, I couldn’t help but notice my social media blowing up about certain days of the year. From what seemed like out of nowhere, I was seeing things like, “Happy National Doughnut Day!” and, “There’s never too much #nationalpieday.” Until recently, I was never aware of how many goofy national days there really are in the USA.   So, naturally, I took to the web to see what other sorts of wacky days...