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KSC attends MIMA: Focus on User Experience
By: Dominica Latus
Last night a few members of the Keystone Click team and I attended the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Agency’s event, Focus on User Experience. We took away some great information on how and why having both the business owner and product users involved in the user experience design is so important to the success of the product.   Mike Kornacki of Johnson Controls started off the event with some great points about how...
By: Laura Walsh
WHY is it so hard to watch “just one episode” of your favorite TV series on Netflix? WHY?   Thanks to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo, it is getting easier and easier for us mindless, lazy Sunday humans to say YES to “just one more episode*” (*and by one more episode, we mean probably around 2-4). They make it easy to binge watch by automatically counting down to the next episode before your pulse can...
By: Kevin Ward
Once considered a secure algorithm, SHA-1 has proved to be getting weaker year after year. Search engines, including Google, are finally pushing web users to move on from SHA-1. What Is SHA-1? SHA-1 is the widely used security algorithm that secures sensitive and personal websites, software, and corporate servers. According to Netcraft.com, almost 90% of websites that use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryptions, such as...
Holiday Shopping Infographic
By: Dominica Latus
The holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year. Check out these stats as we explored spending habits, shopping trends, and other seasonal fun facts!   Happy Holidays!  
Beware of Poodle
By: Jim Jennings
Poodle is the name of a new security vulnerability linked to the SSL (https) protocol (a widely used security measure between two machines operating over the Internet or on an internal network). SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Here Is What You Need To Know  In support of legacy browsers, the SSL standard is allowed to 'downgrade' to earlier versions of the protocol. A legacy browser is the previous version of an...
Halloween Fun Facts
By: Dominica Latus
Eat, drink, and be scary! Each year thousands of people partake in Halloween festivities. With all the money to spent on costumes, candy, and decorations each year, it's no wonder retailers LOVE this American holiday. Take a look at how Americans are spending their money this Halloween season and grab some tips to bringing the festivities to your social media accounts!  
Free to Breathe Team Keystone Click
By: Laura Walsh
Team Keystone Click had a wonderful time supporting Free to Breathe on the Saturday morning of October 11th. Free to Breathe is also known as the National Lung Cancer Partnership (NLCP). Free to Breathe organizes events across the nation to raise awareness and money to fund lung cancer research with the overall goal to double lung cancer survivals by the year 2022.   Keystone Click participated in the Milwaukee 5K Run...