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Audit your presence online
By: Lori Highby
With 6,586,013,574 online searches conducted a day worldwide, we know that the web is a powerful tool for any business!  You are likely a contributor in this large figure with the searches you are conducting daily.  Have you stopped and taken the time to search your own company from the perspective of your target customer?   Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and conduct some searches online mapping out that entire...
Getting Back to The Basics of SEO
By: Anna Manteufel
Regardless of your business’s positioning, it’s important to keep the basics in mind when aligning your content and messaging with the values of your consumers and potential leads. Contrary to popular belief, not every aspect of a business is in need of constant change and adaptation. Successful businesses can attribute their success to a good mix of both new and old methods of targeting consumers. When it comes to the “...
Increasing rankings SEO
By: Miranda Knudtson
There are multiple ways to market your company and get the word out there: social media, blogging, e-newsletters, email-marketing, etc. You could be doing all this and more, but if your website and products aren’t showing up in Google or Yahoo when users are searching, you could be losing potential customers! This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.   Search engine optimization is a marketing...
Increase web presence
By: Greg Brey
There’s only so much time in a day to get things done.  You must pick your shots in order to increase your web presence.  Here are five challenges that can take minimal time out of your day.   1. Claim or create your Google Places account Google Places or Google Local is constantly changing.  Once your place is claimed, make sure to enter in your company description.   In your description, Google allows you to link to...
Increase online sales for e-commerce
By: Greg Brey
  “I miss the days when all you had to do was buy a $200 yellow page ad and the phone would ring off the hook.”  We’ve heard this time and time again.  Those were the days before these unbelievably useful and simple tools called search engines came along.  Slowly but surely the yellow pages have become obsolete to consumers (that article was written in 2010 – obsolete might be an understatement).     The market shifted...
Google Plus Logo
By: Greg Brey
  Google, the almighty of search-engines today, was kind enough to host a session on how to utilize Google Plus during Social Media Week in Chicago.  Our host was Amy Ravit Korin, Google Local Regional Community Manager Lead for the Midwest United States.  Korin plays a key role for the tech-giant.  One of those roles is to promote Google on a local level, and Google Plus is the avenue to connect businesses and people on...
Google Key
By: Lauryn Jashinsky
Have you ever found yourself writing an article or a blog post and being completely lost on the right keywords to use? If you have, Google has made choosing the best keywords for maximizing SEO easier than ever before. Google AdWords is a neat advertising tool that lets you create an ad campaign, control your budget, get a report on how your ad is doing, and so much more. Among the multitude of tools AdWords offers, you...