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professional photography for website
With over 150,000 URLs being purchased everyday (mashable.com), it's hard to make your website stand out.  One very important element to helping your product or service stand out above your competition is the quality of the images being used.  Quality images will impress your potential customers and current clients.  Product shots "Since your clients can't get up close and feel what you're selling, the photos...
Web Analytics 101
Every business decision that you make has a reason or a goal. For web presence, it is usually to improve sales, exposure, or various aspects of your business.  If that is the case, then design and development is step one. Step two is just as important in the success.  Some terms and ideas that go in line with this topic are shopping cart abandonment rate, referral sites, length of stay on your site, and several...
Value In CSS , a value is a length, quality, type or URL assigned to a style property for an element. CSS properties each have specific ranges of value or token types which may be declared for them. Replaced Element A replaced element is one that, when the page is rendered, its contents are replaced by something else. Examples of replaced elements include images, form inputs, and objects. Readability Readability is the...
web definitions, web dictionary
DNS - Domain Name Server This is a computer used by your ISP to store the database of IP addresses and their associated Domain Names. When you type a Domain Name into your browser, your ISP consults the DNS database to translate the name into the appropriate IP address, then broadcasts your request onto the Internet. Image Map Areas of an image on a web page that have links to other areas of the Web. Some types of...
Keystone Click, wordle, infographic, blog
How do you make data un-boring? Well, that sounds like the set up for a really terrible punchline but the answer is a lot more colorful and fun than you’d think! Infographics are taking over the web (and print), turning data into something you actually want to look at! Did you hear that? Researchers and accountants alike just yelled “Yipee!” First off tho, what exactly IS an infographic? An infographic is a graphic...