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Getting Back to The Basics of SEO
By: Anna Manteufel
Regardless of your business’s positioning, it’s important to keep the basics in mind when aligning your content and messaging with the values of your consumers and potential leads. Contrary to popular belief, not every aspect of a business is in need of constant change and adaptation. Successful businesses can attribute their success to a good mix of both new and old methods of targeting consumers. When it comes to the “...
By: Anna Manteufel
As 2016 quickly draws near its end, businesses have inevitably began to put together plans for 2017. Often times this means figuring out how to outdo what you’ve accomplished in the years past. More likely than not this means thinking about marketing.   When it comes to your marketing plan for 2017, what ideas do you have in place? Are you turning a new leaf on social media platforms? Revamping a hard-to-navigate...
Digital Marketing Goal Setting | KPIs
By: Anna Manteufel
Goal setting can be either an encouraging or discouraging process depending on how you look at it and the time you take to establish what those goals and KPIs are. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators and as you may guess, can vary between industries, individuals, and interests. Without goals and KPIs, a business can be easily lost in the world of digital marketing. How do you measure the success of a post? What are...
Writing CTAs That Convert
By: Anna Manteufel
The goal of any business is to convert potential customers into loyal clients. Sounds easy enough right? Not so fast. In the online world user simplicity and engagement are key. On your website this may be a subscription button, shopping cart, or even a contact page. Regardless of what that end goal is, there is one component that will be the underlying factor in moving those loyal customers down the sales funnel. That's...
Ways to Start Relationship Marketing
By: Anna Manteufel
Relationships are the basis of our connections with consumers, existing customers, potential clients, fellow employees, and peers. If there were a way to distinguish your marketing technique from one relationship style to the next, would you take advantage of that? Of course you would. To better understand what relationship marketing is, put yourself in the shoes of a customer service representative. They’re not the ones...
Tips for Staying Focused in the Workplace
By: Anna Manteufel
When it comes to our level of focus on any given day of the week, we find ourselves sidetracked with existing memories of the previous weekend, upcoming plans, what you forgot to do the day prior, and so on. Reflecting on your to do list is one thing, but what can be said for those that just aren’t able to stay focused in the workplace? A short attention span is common amongst many and from time to time, it’s normal to...
How You Could Be Overlooking Marketing Opportunity
By: Anna Manteufel
When it comes to a use for marketing, some view the task as temporary when it comes to our relationships with consumers. Instead of cutting your time together short by accepting a one-and-done mindset, make consumers feel like you value their presence in your market and would like to see more of it. If your goal is to create more purchases through your newly developed ad campaigns, don’t sell yourself short by...