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Episode 35 – #NugsForCarter, Fitbit Nails UX, Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino’s, and Facebook F8 Recap
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt, Min, Anna, and Will discuss one of the biggest Twitter crazes to date, an amazing user experience, a crazy (successful) launch strategy, and mind boggling technology from Facebook. Tune in weekly to get all the latest in technology, marketing, and design! #NugsForCarter [3:50] Fitbit Nails the User Experience [11:45] Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino [18:45] Facebook F8 Recap [24:10] #...
Episode 34 – April the Giraffe, Snapchat Boosts Advertising, and Recycling Your Content
By: Matt Curtis
Last week saw a major publicity grab through a Facebook live stream on April the Giraffe as she gave birth and snapchat putting some extra power behind their advertising platform! Join Matt, Will, and Anna as they discuss these and more in this week’s episode of the Digital Natives Cast! April The Giraffe [7:00] Snapchat Boosts Advertising [17:40] Recycling Your Content [23:30]   April The Giraffe Anna was following...
Episode 33 - The Power of Reviews, The Difficulty of the Internet, Social TV Platforms, and Google Mobile Dev. Partners
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt, Min, Anna, and Will reconvene to take a look at topics ranging from the power of reviews to new Google certifications that could help identify or accredit good mobile developers and so much more! Join us every Monday for new episodes of the Digital Natives podcast, where we help you get found! The Power of Online Reviews [5:10] The Difficulty of The Internet [14:25] Social TV Platforms [21:...
Episode 32 - LinkedIn Messenger, Choosing a Live Story Platform, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Updates
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt, Anna, and Will join together to take a look at the latest updates to major social media platforms that have an effect on you and your business. Changes like the LinkedIn messenger updates and how they impact the social exchanges on LinkedIn, the developments on Instagram advertisements and how they changes the way we use them, and a listener suggested topic! LinkedIn Messenger Update [6:30]...
Episode 31 - Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers and Google Has Some Ups and Downs
By: Matt Curtis
This week, join Will and Matt as they take a look at some of the biggest names in digital marketing and what’s been going on. From major advances in advertisers to some good and bad press on Google. Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers [3:30] Google Gets Some Bad Press [13:20] Google Gets Some Good Press for a Powerful Update [19:00]   Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers Facebook owned Instagram is gaining in...
Episode 30 – Design goes BIG and Snapchat is Blatantly Ripped Off, Again…
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt and Min return to discuss how design is going big and a tad retro in recent trends. Also, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it’s getting a little old for Snapchat as they’re blatantly ripped off once again. Tune in every Monday for the latest in technology, marketing, and design from the point of view of digital natives! Last Week in Review [0:45] Design Goes BIG [4:35...
Fighting the Algorithm | Facebook’s Greatest Strength is Your Biggest Weakness
By: Matt Curtis
Facebook stands as the giant among other social media platforms with over one and a half BILLION active users. For this reason, it’s no surprise why so many businesses choose to use it as their go-to social media platform. Despite the heavy business usage, many people are still confused why a post on a page with 1000 followers can receive less than 100 views. To combat this, you’ll need to learn about fighting the...