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Find out how credit card processing works
By: Dominica Latus
    You just bought something online, “complete transaction” has been clicked and seconds later an email appears in your inbox, “Your order has been confirmed!”  But what happens between those two steps?  There are more steps and people involved that you might think! Let’s Ms. Frizzle this and dive into the credit card processing system:           Whether you are a shopper or an E-commerce website owner, (or anything...
What to Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Website
By: Dominica Latus
Selling online can lead to huge opportunities for your business. Developing an e-commerce website will allow you to sell your product globally 24/7. But successfully selling your product online takes a bit more thought than just simply slapping your products into a database and uploading them to your website. It takes planning to create a pleasing online shopping experience and to convert your site visitors into paying...
online shopping cart
By: Laura Walsh
Imagine being at the grocery store and having a cart full of groceries that you are ready to buy, but, at the last minute you decide to abandon the shopping trip and leave your cart in the middle of the checkout lane. Other than a confused grocer and some potentially wasted perishable goods, is there a problem with leaving a shopping cart in the middle of a store without buying anything? This question can be applied to...
Ecommerce changes the way the world shops
By: Laura Walsh
The holiday season is upon us! Whether this excites you or not, chances are you have holiday shopping on the brain. Will you head to the mall for the classic holiday-hullabaloo or will you sit in your pajamas with your computer or tablet in the comforts of your own home?   According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more and more people are skipping the mall and choosing online shopping forums, especially during the holiday...
E-Commerce Manufacturing
By: Scott Nushart
Do You Add Value to Your Customers’ Business? Regardless of the type of business you pursue, a great way to obtain and retain clients is to develop a relationship with them where they perceive that you add value to their businesses-and their lives, overall.   To that end, if you take whatever steps you need to take to reduce (or alleviate) the clients’ pain points-those gnawing, nagging pains in the neck that have a...
Increase online sales for e-commerce
By: Greg Brey
  “I miss the days when all you had to do was buy a $200 yellow page ad and the phone would ring off the hook.”  We’ve heard this time and time again.  Those were the days before these unbelievably useful and simple tools called search engines came along.  Slowly but surely the yellow pages have become obsolete to consumers (that article was written in 2010 – obsolete might be an understatement).     The market shifted...
Cyber Monday
By: Lauryn Jashinsky
If you have ever been Black Friday shopping, you know just how hectic it can be. While some people do not seem to mind standing outside in the cold, fighting with each other for the best products, and waiting in the checkout lines for over an hour, there is another alternative that has been attracting increasing shopping attention. Cyber Monday has become the most popular online shopping day of the year. More and more...