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By: Laura Walsh
Some may tell you that email marketing is old-fashioned or even dead. Don’t listen. Run away from them. QUICKLY.   Think about how much time YOU spend on your email. A lot? Maybe a little too much? (Don’t worry, I’m guilty as well). A key component of email marketing is mobile marketing.   Bonus Read – tips and resources to help take control of your inbox    In our highly connected world where phones are always in hand...
Digital Laryngitis
By: Laura Walsh
We’ve all had a bad case of laryngitis at one point or another. A terrible sore throat, cough, and no voice are enough to knock anyone off their feet for a couple days. I remember having a bad case as a kid and being completely unable to talk for a good two to three days. I felt lost and trapped inside of a body with which I could not communicate in ways that I was used to.   What if this happened online? What if your...
Starting a Blog
By: Greg Brey
In previous post we gave you the reasons why you should blog, now we are focusing on where to start with your blog.  A wise dinosaur once told me that sharing is caring (photo credit).   The following key points are Keystone Click’s process to starting a successful blog.  We’ll leave the finer details for a later post. 1. Reality check You must first find out why you are blogging.  This will play a huge role in how your...
Marketing Summit
By: Greg Brey
  We've all heard it, content is king.  It's true, content is KING!  Quality content can help make your business succeed.  Let's think of it in terms of a restaurant.  When a restaurant has bad food - aka content - do you go back begging for more?  No, you head back to the restaurant that has the best food.  Of course there are other factors, such as price, value, service etc.   The point is that content will make or...
Facebook is the new word of mouth marketing
By: Lori Highby
"How do you generate most of your business?" says Joe Smith.   "Word of mouth seems to bring in a lot of our business."  Jane Doe responds.   This dialogue has been going on for years and years and has been an excellent way to generate business.  The 'word of mouth' approach works well as its a first person testimonial on the product or services being offered.   Social media has revolutionized 'word of mouth'.  You...
Pinterest for Business
By: Tara Rushmer
      Marketers shouldn’t ignore Pinterest any longer. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today. There were 11.7 million monthly users in the United States recorded in January. That makes Pinterest the fastest standalone website in history to cross the 10 million mark.         Why you should be on Pinterest: 1. It drives traffic 2. Content is highly sharable 3. Top brands such as Nike and...
Twitter for Non-Profits
By: Lauryn Jashinsky
What easier way to inform a large variety of people about a certain cause than to do it with just the click of a button. Non-profit organizations have actively been using Social Media sites to promote their causes, while also sparking conversations on the topic among followers. Social Media sites not only allow non-profit organizations to reach a large audience, but they also allow the general public the opportunity and...