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Typography Tips
When I first began my journey as a web designer I didn’t put much thought into the text I was putting into my designs. I was more concerned about colors and images. As time went on I started to become more and more aware of how use of quality typography can influence a design. Websites exist primarily to provide users with information. A good portion of that information is in the form of text, so why not give it a little...
flat design
What is flat design? Flat design is simply a trend in which the designs look FLAT. There are no 3D or life-like elements. No textures or glossy buttons. The idea is to eliminate any design distractions and focus on the content while effortlessly guiding the users to the end goal (purchasing your products or paying for your services!) The flat design trend gained popularity after Microsoft unveiled its new mobile platform...
What to Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Website
Selling online can lead to huge opportunities for your business. Developing an e-commerce website will allow you to sell your product globally 24/7. But successfully selling your product online takes a bit more thought than just simply slapping your products into a database and uploading them to your website. It takes planning to create a pleasing online shopping experience and to convert your site visitors into paying...
Adaptive VS Responsive
Previously web designers and developers would create a separate, watered-down mobile version of a site specifically for smart phone users. However, with the constantly changing screen sizes of mobile devices, we are now moving away from the m-dot sites of yesterday and moving ahead with a one-site approach. The one-site approach is exactly what it sounds like: one website that works on ALL mobile devices. Not only will...
Choosing the Right Photography
It cannot be stressed enough how important good photography is for the look and feel of a website or blog. A good design can only do so much when presenting your company’s brand and personality; the right photography is what brings it all together. There are three ways of obtaining photography for your website. 1. Hire a Professional Photographer Hiring a professional will usually yield high quality results while still...