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UI vs UX design
By: Dominica Latus
You’ve probably heard the terms user experience (UX) designer and user interface (UI) designer being used a lot lately within the creative and technical fields. The problem is that many people are throwing these terms around without knowing what they TRULY mean. Not being able to differentiate between the two can be a time-consuming, costly mistake!   UI ≠ UX User interface IS NOT user experience. The most common mistake...
Lessons from DrupalCon
By: Lori Highby
  I attended a session at DrupalCon that focused on content being the key to a successful website. A website will do you no good, even if it looks amazing, if it is loaded up with bad content.   The harsh reality is that the content on your website will make or break your business. No pressure, right?   While good content is important, it can also be relatively simple. But the road to simple, strong content takes...
Day One of DrupalCon
By: Jim Jennings
DrupalCon Austin has lived up to all expectations so far. Day 1 was packed with great speakers who have extensive knowledge of Drupal. I am eager to get back to the office to start putting this new information to good use. In the mean time I have put together a little run down of Day 1 at DrupalCon so that everyone can get a taste of DrupalCon.   Session 1: MSNBC.com: Mission Impossible   This was a great opportunity to...
By: Greg Brey
Keystone Click will be heading to Austin, Texas from June 2-6, 2014 to attend DrupalCon 2014!   What is DrupalCon? Drupalcon is the heartbeat of the Drupal community.  It's an expression of our software innovation, commitment to collaboration, and extreme nerdiness.  Drupal thought leaders, developers, UX/designers, project managers, business owners and more will be attend DrupalCon.   The event is held annually in...
9 Resources for Checking Domain Name System DNS Propagation
By: Laura Walsh
DNS stands for Domain Name System. When you purchase a domain name from a domain registrar they create a Master DNS record in their domain name servers.  Any time a change is made within that DNS, such as switching to a new host – the entire system must go through a propagation process, also known as caching. Caching means that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) read and display websites from their local files instead...
Proprietary VS Non-Proprietary Content Management Systems
By: Greg Brey
Proprietary content management systems, also known as closed-source, pose a lot of issues and threats to your business.  Whether you select Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla etc. all can, for the most part, achieve your end goals.  There is a lot of doubt and uncertainty that comes with using a proprietary source.  Below are 4 reasons why you should not go with a proprietary CMS: You have to pay for it.  Proprietary CMS in...
Choosing the right CMS
By: Greg Brey
Is one Content Management System (CMS) better than another?  This is a question Keystone Click receives more often than you would imagine (full disclosure, Keystone Click primarily uses the Drupal content management system.  Here is why we primarily use - and love - the Drupal CMS).  If you talk to fair-weather developers, the correct answer is two-fold.  First you must understand your end goals, not just with the design...