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Hot colors for 2015
By: Dominica Latus
Do you know what the color of the year is for 2014? If not, think of colors that you’ve seen around you quite a bit over these last few months. Every year PANTONE searches the world to find a color that will influence many industries including fashion, home, industrial design, packaging and graphic design.  This year’s color, Radiant Orchid, is a vibrant purple with pink undertones.  I’ve seen this color especially take...
By: Laura Walsh
Keystone Click is proud to announce participation with Drupal Camp Wisconsin as a sponsor and a participant!    We have been a dedicated Drupal web developer since 2008. What is Drupal? Check out our Drupal Content Management System page to learn more!   Drupal Camp Wisconsin is the annual free conference organized by local Drupal users to unite the Drupal community in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.   What is...
Email Marketing is a Strong Branding Tool
By: Laura Walsh
What do your emails say about you and your business?   Email marketing, when done correctly, is a strong branding tool that will drive traffic to your website, raise overall brand awareness, educate and provide value to your audience, and keep your business at top of mind.   You want your email list to say “Awesome, another email from [insert your name/business here]! I wonder what I am going to learn this time” and you...
UI vs UX design
By: Dominica Latus
You’ve probably heard the terms user experience (UX) designer and user interface (UI) designer being used a lot lately within the creative and technical fields. The problem is that many people are throwing these terms around without knowing what they TRULY mean. Not being able to differentiate between the two can be a time-consuming, costly mistake!   UI ≠ UX User interface IS NOT user experience. The most common mistake...
Data Visualization Graphic Design
By: Greg Brey
How do you decipher data into visual trends? Data visualization!   Wes Grubbs, founder of Berkeley, CA based Pitch Interactive, made a stop in Milwaukee to show the future of data.  Pitch Interactive is one of the leading data visualization studios in the United States.  @PitchInc has worked with companies such as GE, Google, Facebook, Scientific American and many more.   Off to a great start at tonight's event! #MIMAMKE...
Keystone Click Featured in BizTimes Milwaukee on digital marketing strategy
By: Laura Walsh
Keystone Click’s digital marketing strategist, Greg Brey, was recently featured in the May issue of the BizTimes, both online and in print.   Check out the article! Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter   Keystone Click was honored to be featured in the Social Media Strategies section of this issue of the BizTimes.   According to Greg, Twitter is one of the most crucial social media channels in your digital marketing mix. It...
Inbound Marketing Day
By: Laura Walsh
I recently had the pleasure of attending Inbound Marketing Day, an event sponsored and hosted by Savvy Panda and BMA Milwaukee. The event was packed full of valuable insight that was enough to make my phone go dead from constant tweeting by 2pm.   There were 6 Main Track sessions. 1. Dan Zarrella from Hubspot started us off with the data side of social media. Main Takeaway: Ideas don’t simply spread because they are...