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Episode 30 – Design goes BIG and Snapchat is Blatantly Ripped Off, Again…
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt and Min return to discuss how design is going big and a tad retro in recent trends. Also, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it’s getting a little old for Snapchat as they’re blatantly ripped off once again. Tune in every Monday for the latest in technology, marketing, and design from the point of view of digital natives! Last Week in Review [0:45] Design Goes BIG [4:35...
Fighting the Algorithm | Facebook’s Greatest Strength is Your Biggest Weakness
By: Matt Curtis
Facebook stands as the giant among other social media platforms with over one and a half BILLION active users. For this reason, it’s no surprise why so many businesses choose to use it as their go-to social media platform. Despite the heavy business usage, many people are still confused why a post on a page with 1000 followers can receive less than 100 views. To combat this, you’ll need to learn about fighting the...
Episode 29 - Subject, Influencer Ads on Instagram, Amazon Books, and Designing Web Forms
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts hide from the cold weather and return of Winter in the podcast room to share about a variety of subjects ranging from great resources for marketing articles and info to more brick and mortar stores for Amazon! Join us every Monday to hear the latest on technology, marketing, and design from the point of view of digital natives! [3:20] Influencer Ads on Instagram [9:30] Amazon Books [16:40...
Episode 28 – The Psychology of Boredom, Color in Data Visualization, Snap Inc IPO, and Medium’s “Series”
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts, Matt, Anna, Will, and Min take some time to look at a range of topics, from broad tactics to concrete product launches. Our hosts guide take time every Monday to give you the latest information on technology, marketing, and design. Don’t miss an episode by subscribing to our email notification list or, on iTunes/Google Play. The Psychology of Boredom [6:10] Color in Data Visualization [14:45]...
The Benefits of Video Marketing in 2017
By: Matt Curtis
With many companies looking to find that last piece of their marketing plan that will help them be successful, many are turning to video marketing. Statistically, it’s no surprise since as many as 76% of business owners and marketers have said video has a direct impact on their business (Source).   When it comes to actually utilizing the platform, you’ll find that the benefits of video marketing in 2017 far outweigh...
Episode 27 – Marketing Trends, LinkedIn Advertising, and Internal Linking
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts join together to discuss the latest in marketing from major trends to advertising changes on LinkedIn. Additionally, we answer a question from our audience by describing internal linking in depth. 2017’s Major Marketing Trends [2:50] LinkedIn Advertising [11:20] Internal Linking [18:00] 2017 Major Marketing Trends One of our newest hosts, Liz, brings her first ever topic to the conversation and...
Episode 26 – Reddit and Facebook Updates, Marketing Crowd Funding, 5 Design Skills, and Snapchat UX
By: Matt Curtis
This week, our hosts Matt, Min, and Anna are joined by another newcomer, Will! Together, the group takes a deeper look at the latest happenings in Marketing, Min follows up her top 5 design skills, and everyone weighs in on UX and how it’s played into Snapchat’s big success. Reddit and Facebook Updates [8:30] Marketing Crowd Funding [15:20] Min’s Top 5 Design Skills [20:10] Snapchat’s User Experience [22:30]   Reddit...