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ABB is a multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, operating in robotics and mainly in the power and automation technology areas. It ranked 158th in the Forbes Ranking


Keystone Click was presented with the task of creating a digital marketing strategy and execution for ABB Drives US.  The ABB Drives US division is the testing ground for product and campaign innovation.  When presented with this challenge, ABB as a corporation was not using social media or many integrated marketing tactics.  This would soon change.


In July of 2012 ABB Drives US and Keystone Click began collaborating and developing an integrated marketing strategy.  Starting with a clean slate, it was an exciting opportunity for both parties to collaborate on a project that has no set precedent.  With that being said, there were strict branding guidelines to follow.


The main goal of the campaign was to connect distributors and sales partners with ABB Drives US on social networks. A strong line of communication between ABB and distributors was becoming an increased issue over time.  ABB chose to use social networking a new, additional route for communication.


ABB Drives US social networks have grown considerably in size.  More importantly, the brand awareness of ABB Drives US with their distributors, current clients, and prospects is being solidified with each social interaction.  The end-goals are still in site for the campaign, but the early results have reached initial benchmarks and goals for the campaign.


Stay tuned for a case study to be posted soon!

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