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Pinterest: His and her views on the latest craze

2 minutes
Lori Highby

A new trend on the social media platform??  Pinterest. Well, lets look at the 5 traits of a true trend - as mentioned by Business Know

1)  It is obviously useful - many businesses are using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

2)  It has broad appeal and application - chatter all over the Internet about Pinterest.

3)  It is sustainable - definitely sustainable, its been growing at a fast pace and hasn't had much for hiccups.

4)  It meshes with other trends - its social media, sharing, posting, "liking" or "repinning".  Its definitely meshing with other trends.

5)  It has some history - the platform has been around since March 2010.  So, its still fairly new, but also has some history.

Pinterest definitely fits all 5 of those points.  Let's check it out from a male vs female perspective on the value and usefulness of

Liz Strunk


Pinterest - Liz's Perspective

I am a fan of Pinterest for its clean design and ease of use. I primarily use it to search for inspiration for projects.... Keep reading

Ryan Mehaffey


Pinterest - Ryan's Perspective

The best way I have seen it described is a folder where you keep all of your magazine or newspaper clippings.... Keep reading











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