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  • Video Marketing

We’re not a video house.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re great with an iPhone but you need a high-quality video that captivates your target audience.  We’re not the best at video, that’s why we have strategic partners we work with.  Much like websites and digital marketing services, video pricing is all over the place. Skill level consequently is all over the place as well.  We use a variety of video agencies that produce high-quality videos.


How does this work?


1. We love video.  It’s content that is more timeless than a blog post.  Some people love to read, others are visual learners and like to consume their data via a video.  The first step is to understand what sort of  video you are looking for, and why you need or want one.  We assess the goals, and then get to work finding a good fit for your video needs.

2. Pricing – we have a list of video marketers that range from prices and quality (Please note that quality is referencing capabilities in regards to a dynamic video, and editing tools).  We receive the quotes from a few agencies, and then send them to you.  We will let you know who we suggest out of the group, and once a selection is made we begin the creative.

3. We pick your brain on the subject matter.  We find out what is going to make your video different than your competitors.  Once we find the right message that is unique, and engaging we start to write the script.  At this point once a script is written we send it off to our strategic video partners to view.  They give suggestions and start to brainstorm creative ideas to help make your video a marketing hit.  We have a proven process to achieve your goals.

4. It’s the day – your video is filmed.  Then the editing takes place.  Depending upon what the script called for, the editing may take a while or can be wrapped up rather quickly.


5. Video Marketing - now you need to "sell" your video.  Let everyone know that you created a great piece of work.  Keystone Click is a digital marketing agency that can help achieve your goals.


It's Quite Simple


The most important part is finding the “grab.”  What makes your brand tick?  You need to target what’s going to be a content hit, and what will resonate with your target audience.  After that it’s time to sit back and relax.  You’re going to have a dynamic marketing tool that can be used for potentially years to come.


Although we don’t make money by creating a video for you, it’s a marketing success.  You are our main focus.  Your ROI and success makes both of us look good. 


Are you interested in video marketing services?  Drop us a line, we’d love to chat!