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  • About Us

Keystone Click helps you navigate the complexities of digital marketing.  Our proven process builds brand awareness and drives customer engagement to generate a high return on investment for your company.  Experience and passion motivates our team of designers, developers, and strategists to bring you value and results.

Our Focus

We are the key to your web foundation. We believe that successfully marketing yourself online is a journey, one that we plan to take with you. That being said, you will be the one in the driver’s seat. Think of us as: the map, the keys, and the fuel that will help you get from point A to point B. As a responsive business partner, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Through our learning culture we have a dedication to new ideas, methods, and business practices. We have learned a multitude of valuable lessons from the hundreds of websites for which we have: consulted, created, managed, and marketed. We believe in constant improvement and innovation.  The team at Keystone Click frequently attends educational seminars and workshops, stays updated on industry news, and networks with local industry professionals to stay ahead of the game and up-to-date with industry trends.

We tailor our services to work best with how you do business by using our dynamic team of digital natives to generate a successful digital marketing strategy and maximize your ROI. Perhaps we are just a bunch of techie, marketing nerds, but there is nothing more satisfying than working with a business from the “Ideas on Paper” phase to watching those ideas successfully play out online! Your success is our focus.


Industry Experience includes, but is not limited to:


Why are we different?

  • We are passionate about your success.

  • We are passionate about the Internet, technology, design, and function.

  • We believe that aesthetics should be supported by strong content and utility.

  • We believe that the best way to create something amazing is with communication and by having a real relationship with every one of our clients.


Meet the team!


Where does the name Keystone Click come from?

The word 'Keystone' is an architectural term.  It is the center piece of an arch that supports and holds together the structure.  The word 'Click' resonates with an actionable item.  Our mission is to build a strong digital marketing strategy that focuses on driving actionable results for our clients.

Keystone Click has been in business since 2008, constantly growing in number, available service offerings, and big ideas.  Having started in a basement, we all feel very proud to say how much we have grown and how far we have come. We have a motto here at Keystone Click, “Work hard, have fun, and enjoy your job and the people you work with.”

Now that we’ve done all the talking, we want to hear more about you. If you want a quote or are just curious about our areas of expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We appreciate your interest in Keystone Click!