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Lori Highby

Spice up your blog, 11 tips for blog content

Blogging content ideas





Are you ever lost for words or topics for your blog? Some days it's hard to get the ideas rolling. Even though consistent type of content is important for your blog, it's okay to step outside of your shell every once in a while and change the pace a bit.





Here are some fun ideas for your blog:

 1. Top ten list for your industry.

 2. Post a video on your blog.

 3. Ask a question to your readers and have them answer.

 4. Share a recent success story.

 5. Map out a "Day in the life..." for you or your office.

 6. Give away some free advise you recently learned.

 7. Create a contest or promotional giveaway.

 8. Share photos of your workspace.

 9. History of the business or industry you are in.

 10. Interview a professional in your industry.

 11. Challenge your readers to take action.


Please comment with your additional ideas. We'd love to hear them. Also, take a peek at our content creation process!

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