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By: Anna Manteufel
Relationships are the basis of our connections with consumers, existing customers, potential clients, fellow employees, and peers. If there were a way to distinguish your marketing technique from one relationship style to the next, would you take advantage of that? Of course you would. To better understand what relationship marketing is, put yourself in the shoes of a customer service representative. They’re not the ones...
By: Anna Manteufel
When it comes to our level of focus on any given day of the week, we find ourselves sidetracked with existing memories of the previous weekend, upcoming plans, what you forgot to do the day prior, and so on. Reflecting on your to do list is one thing, but what can be said for those that just aren’t able to stay focused in the workplace? A short attention span is common amongst many and from time to time, it’s normal to...
By: Josh Kasombo
If you’re in marketing, you’re already well aware that the web is now the premier channel to generate new leads for business. So you also know that in order to catch those people online, you need killer content. Content marketing is the name of the game, and doing it well requires a great content strategy.   Whereas “content marketing” is the process of using the content you create to build and engage your audience, a...
By: Anna Manteufel
When it comes to a use for marketing, some view the task as temporary when it comes to our relationships with consumers. Instead of cutting your time together short by accepting a one-and-done mindset, make consumers feel like you value their presence in your market and would like to see more of it. If your goal is to create more purchases through your newly developed ad campaigns, don’t sell yourself short by...
By: Ashley Stevens
As we’ve been taught throughout our lives, not everything is a popularity contest. While something may appear bright and shiny on the outside, what’s offered once you’re inside? In a testament to people, we know not to base everything off of ease and appearance, but rather the opposite. The same goes for web development. While there are certain software systems that require a time commitment to get started, the result...
By: Anna Manteufel
As we maneuver our way into new eras, we find ourselves returning to simplistic theories once again. Similar to how bellbottoms made their way back in style, location-based marketing is back on the rise. As in the times before digital marketing, consumers were targeted based on location. If you couldn’t reach your target market within the same area code, you could forget having them as a customer. In today’s day and age...
By: Josh Kasombo
When you visit a bad website you can to tell in an instant. Why? Because just like entering a foreign building, when you aren’t able to find where you need to go with ease you get frustrated. Now apply those same principles to your website and you understand the need for having a great website architecture plan!   Users have four questions when they arrive at a website:    Am I in the right place? Do they have what...