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Business Owners Connection
By: Lori Highby
Mark your calendars as the next session of Essential Strategies for the Savvy Business Owner will be held on September 16th, and this time we're talking profitability!  Essential Strategies partners a group of business owners to present a series of educational topics FOR business owners, presented BY business owners. Our diverse areas of expertise are what have brought us together to realize that we can help each other...
By: Josh Kasombo
It’s 2015 and the primary means of communication has without a doubt become digital. Whether its text, email, video chat, or any of the numerous social media platforms available, the digital world has become the premier destination for connecting with our peers. But just as it’s become easy for us to share information with our personal contacts through social, it’s also easy for businesses to lean more from industry...
Keystone Click - Milwaukee Digital Marketing
By: Greg Brey
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Media Contact: Gregory Brey Keystone Click 414-810-6650   Company Growth Allows Keystone Click to Expand Into New Office Space   MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (July 15, 2015) – In response to increased services and higher demand from their evolving client base, Keystone Click announces their expansion to a larger office space within Milwaukee’s Third Ward district. Though...
By: Katheryn Horsley
The use of social media as a marketing tool has steadily increased over the last few years. Whether you’re the marketing manager of a large corporation or just an average Joe, the ability to engage in online conversation is arguably the most compelling feature of social media. So we say harness it!   Just as you’d find in any face-to-face conversation, social media engagement should be carefully fine-tuned according to...
Using Video as a Marketing Tool
By: Greg Brey
Media has become more accessible thanks to mobile phones and tablets.  As a result, video has proven to be an integral component to many marketing teams. The fact is video gives marketers the ability to humanize themselves by showing real emotion; something that speaks volumes to customers.   At the same time, though, it’s important to remember that keeping it simple is the most effective way to connect with those...
Aligning Sales and Marketing Channels
By: Greg Brey
Although sales and marketing are both key factors in any successful business, history has shown a deep divide between the channels. But these two game changers have been enemies for too long. It's time for collaboration, respect and alignment in efforts for sales and marketing departments.   But how do you connect marketing and sales departments, and why?  This was the key theme from Greg Linnemanstons (President/...
By: Katheryn Horsley
As beneficial as social media may be to a brand’s success, many business owners shy away from it simply due to the time commitment involved in updating regularly. However, when a thoughtful strategy is applied, social media can easily foster consumer recognition, loyalty and engagement.   Here’s how to effectively utilize social media to attain its benefits without the burdens:   Create a Content Calendar The best...