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Digital Laryngitis
By: Laura Walsh
We’ve all had a bad case of laryngitis at one point or another. A terrible sore throat, cough, and no voice are enough to knock anyone off their feet for a couple days. I remember having a bad case as a kid and being completely unable to talk for a good two to three days. I felt lost and trapped inside of a body with which I could not communicate in ways that I was used to.   What if this happened online? What if your...
Facebook audience growth tips
By: Greg Brey
    10 Quick Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Page Rocks!   Roughly 80 percent of businesses are on Facebook, according to a recent survey.  Local or national based, Facebook can improve your company on multiple levels.  How do you amplify your reach and exposure?  Here’s a list of ten ways to help improve your Facebook page and the amount of interaction you will see on your page.     1.  Advertise in-store and online Put a...
Willis Tower Social Media Week Chicago 2013
By: Laura Walsh
  At approximately 5:16am on Thursday the 24th of September, my experience with Social Media Week began. Due to the freakishly early alarm, I was not feeling too positively towards SMW at the beginnings of our time together but the day was young, and there was learning to be done.   Arriving in Chicago at 8am, the city was already buzzing with dedicated Chicagoans on their way to work. This beautiful, social day was so...
Social Media Accounts after Death
By: Dolly Perse
    As a former funeral director to-be, death has been a daily part of my life for some time.  In my new line of work, however, it is not a topic I get to bring up often without looking like some sort of weirdo.  Recently, I came across a blog pertaining to one’s digital afterlife. Of course, my interest was piqued and I began research: What happens to social media after death?  It turns out most social media sites...
What can you say on Facebook?
By: Scott Nushart
Surely.  But as the staff ‘old guy’ in my office, having seen the trials and tribulations and unintentional faux pas of business communications for nearly four decades, it never ceases to amaze me the content what shows up at times on some of the Social Media channels.  Besides the inevitable political sniping, the cute babies, kitties and snarky commentary, the anonymity of the keyboard can imply a level of freedom that...
B-to-B Marketing for
By: Greg Brey is the number two most visited website in the world.  Facebook has been a proven asset for b-to-c companies.  Customers have direct contact with a business via Facebook.  However, B-to-B marketers have not fully adopted the social networking site due to the effectiveness that seems to be lacking.  Facebook definitely has it's place in B-to-B if marketed properly.   The question remains, how do you market...
Facebook is the new word of mouth marketing
By: Lori Highby
"How do you generate most of your business?" says Joe Smith.   "Word of mouth seems to bring in a lot of our business."  Jane Doe responds.   This dialogue has been going on for years and years and has been an excellent way to generate business.  The 'word of mouth' approach works well as its a first person testimonial on the product or services being offered.   Social media has revolutionized 'word of mouth'.  You...