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Useful CSS Fixes Using Flexbox
By: Paul Anderson
Up until now, some of the most frustrating CSS layout issues could only be solved through hacking or unnecessarily tedious processes. Now thanks to the CSS3 Flexible Box layout mode, or "Flexbox", those common layout issues can be solved with ease!    But before you try it for yourself, remember that Flexbox isn't supported on a few browsers (most notably IE9 and earlier), and also many browsers require vendor prefixes...
By: Kevin Ward
Once considered a secure algorithm, SHA-1 has proved to be getting weaker year after year. Search engines, including Google, are finally pushing web users to move on from SHA-1. What Is SHA-1? SHA-1 is the widely used security algorithm that secures sensitive and personal websites, software, and corporate servers. According to, almost 90% of websites that use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryptions, such...
Beware of Poodle
By: Jim Jennings
Poodle is the name of a new security vulnerability linked to the SSL (https) protocol (a widely used security measure between two machines operating over the Internet or on an internal network). SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Here Is What You Need To Know  In support of legacy browsers, the SSL standard is allowed to 'downgrade' to earlier versions of the protocol. A legacy browser is the previous version of an...
Questions to ask your web developer
By: Lori Highby
Seeking a company to partner with and trust to build your online presence can be nerve-racking and intimidating. The stories flood in over and over again how companies spent a ton of money and hated what they ended up with or even worse generated zero results from the end project. Here are a few questions that are critical to ask your web developer candidates for hire.   1. Can I see your portfolio and call these...
ongoing website fees
By: Lori Highby
Owning a website is a lot like owning a car.   Think about it; you get to customize a website so it fits exactly what you need, you get what you pay for, and it requires maintenance.  Just like a car.     When you buy a car, you ask your mechanic or car salesmen about expected maintenance requirements. Similarly, talk to your web developer about website maintenance by asking upfront about the ongoing fees for your...
UI vs UX design
By: Dominica Latus
You’ve probably heard the terms user experience (UX) designer and user interface (UI) designer being used a lot lately within the creative and technical fields. The problem is that many people are throwing these terms around without knowing what they TRULY mean. Not being able to differentiate between the two can be a time-consuming, costly mistake!   UI ≠ UX User interface IS NOT user experience. The most common...
Lessons from DrupalCon
By: Lori Highby
  I attended a session at DrupalCon that focused on content being the key to a successful website. A website will do you no good, even if it looks amazing, if it is loaded up with bad content.   The harsh reality is that the content on your website will make or break your business. No pressure, right?   While good content is important, it can also be relatively simple. But the road to simple, strong content takes...