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Elements of a Successful Web Page

1 minute
Min Carpenter

Successful website design is a lot like building a house. Build something beautiful and functional, and people will want to stay for a while. But build something boring and inefficient, and people can't wait to leave. This means a lot of thought needs to go into your overall design strategy. You have to create something that meets the needs of the user, in an aesthetic that compels them to stay on the page. Ultimately, creating a successful website requires the designer to find the perfect blend of visual design, functionality, and strategy.




Sound like an overwhelming feat? Well we’ve got the schematics to show you it’s well within your reach! Let’s take a look:


What makes a website successful


Finding the balancing point between functionality, strategy and design can be a bit tricky. If you're looking for help building your own successful website, we'd love to talk!