Online Lead Generation

We'll help bring customers directly to you with high-powered, highly customized online lead generation campaigns built from the ground up to improve you bottom line.

Custom-Tailored Online Lead Generation

Attracting new customers online is a universal struggle that all business owners face. Using powerful online lead generation campaigns, you can bring customers to your right to your inbox. Through our proven method, we help craft a unique downloadable content piece that makes customers want to purchase from you!

We provide four tiers of digital lead generation that are built to provide value to your company while supporting your skills and budget. Each of our tiers include:

  • High-Powered Kickoff Meeting – We’ll host you and your team in our office to conduct a kickoff meeting where we identify the most important pieces of your company, your customers, and your campaign!
  • Keyword Research – Following our kickoff meeting, our team will research over 300 keywords to find the top 20 that are most likely to make your campaign a success.
  • Downloadable Content Piece – Using those keywords, our expert content creators will help you craft a downloadable content piece that will provide value for your target market and establish your authority in the marketplace
  • Customized Landing Page – Our team of professional designers will create a customized landing page using your branding guidelines to provide a location for your customers to get your content piece
  • Targeted E-Mail Drip Campaign – We’ll help you make a beautifully crafted drip campaign to turn new prospects into paying customers


Trying to give your campaign some extra legs to get off the ground, here are some additional features that we offer:

  • Targeted Social Media Advertising – Using carefully constructed audiences, we’ll help funnel new leads to your landing page through social advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising through Google AdWords – We’ll turn those keywords into powerful ads that will send users to your landing page from Google
  • Retargeting Ad Campaign – Recapture lost prospects using retargeting ads which will bring them back to your landing page if they don’t initially download your content piece
  • Campaign Management – Not sure how to keep things moving forward? Our team of professionals can handle the campaign management so you can focus your time elsewhere
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting and Meeting – Want to keep an eye on the progress but aren’t sure where to get the info? We’ll set up monthly meetings where we explain exactly what’s happening with you campaign

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