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Web Analytics 101
By: Ryan Mehaffey
  Every business decision that you make has a reason or a goal. For web presence, it is usually to improve sales, exposure, or various aspects of your business.  If that is the case, then design and development is step one. Step two is just as important in the success.  Some terms and ideas that go in line with this topic are shopping cart abandonment rate, referral sites, length of stay on your site, and several other...
Google for nonprofits
By: Audrey Wayne
For starters let us say thank you if you are a non-profit reading this blog, thank you for dedicating your time and resources to something bigger than yourself, for being a role model and for your passion to help this world. What you do is simply admirable and Google, as well as Keystone Click, want to recognize that. Google has recently been promoting its Google-Non-Profit sector.  With Google Non Profit, those who...
Sell Online
By: Audrey Wayne
Here at Keystone Click we love making e-commerce sites because we know we love using e-commerce sites! But how exactly do those online transactions work? Well, we've got layman's terms (Even our marketing intern can understand them!)       Step One: The buyer uses a shopping cart on the merchant's online store and places an order. A shopping cart is just a type of software that allows buyers to choose and...
Facebook Marketplace powered by Oodle
By: Audrey Wayne
In 2009 Facebook launched “Facebook Marketplace Powered by Oodle”. Oodle is an online classifieds service that organizes millions of listings. So Facebook called in Oodle to lend its expertise to Facebook’s marketplace. In the blog posted on Facebook’s site, “Oodle has built an entirely new version of Marketplace focused on giving people a place to buy, sell or give things away to the people they know.” While this has...