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Research Driven Marketing Strategies Drive Success

Ready, shoot, aim. That is what marketing activity without marketing strategy and research looks like.

Successful Marketing Results Requires Research and Strategy

Whether your goal is to introduce a new product to market, entice customers to re engage with your brand, or simply retain market share, it is incredibly important to recognize your current state, scout your competition, and understand your potential customers.

Keystone Click’s Digital Marketing Research and Strategy project takes a deep dive into where you, your competitors and your prospects are and provides strategic guidance on the digital marketing activities that can move your business closer to your goals.

Essential Market Research

Your research deliverable will include essential information needed to create a marketing strategy for your organization:

  • Customer Identification - Who is your audience and what motivates them. Not only do we do a focus session with you but we actually speak to your customer, too. This helps verify our thesis for developing relevant and compelling messaging.
  • Website Audit - We look at your website from several angles: technical, user experience, and messaging. On the technical side, we’re looking at how your website is affecting your search engine optimization. We will evaluate your website’s user experience i.e. can the user identify what you do, flow through the site in an easy and logical manner, and find what they need? And, finally, we will take a look at how your messaging relates to your audience’s needs and your business’ goals.
  • Competitive Digital Landscape Assessment - Have you taken the time to review all of your competitors assets to see how they are presenting themselves. It’s our philosophy that in order to beat the competition, we need to understand where the competition has been, is, and plans to go. In this revealing assessment, we identify opportunities for growth as well as competitive advantages to leverage for market superiority.
  • Advocates Identification - Who will amplify your brand for you? If you’re sending off press releases and article opportunities to the wrong sources your businesses may never get the traction it deserves online.

Researched-based Digital Marketing Strategy

Your strategy will be based on your goals and will take advantage of the opportunities identified in the research. We recommend tactics and channels geared to engage your specific customer personas.

  • Customer Personas - To help guide you on the proper messaging and offers sought out from your prospects.
  • Messaging Strategy - The framework for creating compelling, relevant and consistent messages for various online channels.
  • Goal Based Marketing Tactics - After analyzing your business, your target audience, and competitors, we will identify the marketing initiatives - channels and tactics - needed to achieve your goals. We’ll recommend which platform(s) reach your target audience and what combination of organic and/or paid opportunities make sense. You’ll learn how these tactics will affect your bottom line and exactly how you will be tracking the success of the recommended tactics.

At the end of this project you will have a roadmap of digital marketing initiatives to achieve your business goals AND a partner ready to help you implement the plan.


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