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Want to increase inbound conversions? Marketing Automation is for you.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the process of using software to complete marketing activities. Often these tasks are repetitive, like social media posting, or emailing customers or leads.

Nurturing prospect and customer relationships takes time and effort, so is often spotty or even neglected. This is where marketing automation can really make a difference by creating personalized communication that is scheduled and delivered consistently. It 

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • And delivers better results

Marketers call this Conversion Rate Optimization and marketing automation is a key ally in achiving it. These software tools make it possible to generate personalized, dynamic content and deliver it across multiple channels at the right time in your prospect's buying journey. Marketing Automation is ideal for organizations that are looking to increase inbound conversions, boost email marketing performance and increase sales team accountability.

Components needed for Marketing Automation

In order to take advantage of these benefits, you will need

  • A marketing database that can store your prospects and customer information and data about interactions
  • A communication tool that allows you to reach out to your audience and team
  • Analytics tools that can store and report results of your campaigns.

There are many marketing automation tools available. Some of the most powerful are included in CRM platforms as those systems are already designed to store information about your prospects and customers and they provide the needed interface between the marketing and sales teams. There are also specialized use tools that can help automated a specific channel forexample, social media schedulers.

KSC Marketing Automation Process

Keystone Click can help your marketing run more efficiently and productively by helping you create the right combination of software and strategy


We will work with you to determine your goals and research the needed tools to achieve them. During this stage, we will also identify key metrics that will help us refine the process and determine success.


KSC will outline the strategy needed to connect with your target audience including channel, messaging and timing. We will create a detailed process flow for activities and touchpoints.


Keystone Click will manage all aspects of your marketing campaign including creating needed content, managing the selected tool, and making adjustments as the campaign continues to maximize your success.


You will receive regular updates that include the key performance metrics that we have identified at the start of the project.


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