Discover Milwaukee

The Challenge

Everyone who lives in the Milwaukee area will tell you how much they love their city and will rave about all there is to do. But for many people who have just moved to the area and are unfamiliar with the city, it can be difficult to discover all that Milwaukee has to offer.

Discover Milwaukee sought to change that by providing people who are moving to Milwaukee with relocation guides that highlight everything from where schools are, to where the hidden gems are for having a great time! Unfortunately, Discover Milwaukee’s old, templated website just wasn’t doing the job anymore. It was outdated, worn down, and wasn’t matching the feel of their print resources.

The user experience also needed a revamp as the navigation was overcomplicated, and when users would visit Discover Milwaukee’s blog, they would be taken to a new website entirely! Discover Milwaukee needed a new site that was cost-effective, user-friendly, and that would help create a cohesive feel among all their digital channels and their printed resources.

The Process

Discover Milwaukee knew they needed to find the right partner who would develop a fantastic website, but that could also provide the support they needed after the website was built. In order to do that, they looked locally for a partner that could do the job, and who was equally as passionate about the great city of Milwaukee.

Their journey ultimately led them to partner with us at Keystone Click! From the start of the project, it was crucial that we build a website that created a sense of place, and that couldn’t happen without working cohesively with Discover Milwaukee to ensure that their website matched their brand. Throughout development, we were constantly in communication with Discover Milwaukee.

Whether it was through sharing ideas for color palettes and fonts or providing options for the overall design and navigation of the site, it was crucial that Discover Milwaukee knew what we were doing and always had options to choose from.

The Results

The collaborative efforts between the Keystone Click team and Discover Milwaukee all culminated in a website that was truly worthy of showcasing a beautiful city like Milwaukee. The user experience was improved tenfold by simplifying the navigation to ensure that visitors could find what they were looking for.

Discover Milwaukee’s new blog section was met with positive reviews now that users could enjoy valuable resources without leaving the site. Most importantly, the feel of the website matched the feel and style of their printed materials, giving Discover Milwaukee consistency across their whole brand.

Check out Discover Milwaukee’s website for yourself to learn more about the great city of Milwaukee!