eSucceed Virtual School

The Challenge

For most traditional brick-and-mortar schools, finding and attracting students isn’t much of a challenge — most of the students in the surrounding area will automatically enroll without parents giving it much thought. However, eSucceed is different from your traditional school!

eSucceed Virtual School was created by a group of 10 superintendents throughout rural Wisconsin who realized that the world was becoming more collaborative, self-driven — and most importantly, digital. They believed the same trend would continue for education, which led them to design eSucceed to be fully virtual and customized to each student’s individual needs. But as educators, they didn’t know how to properly market the opportunities a new and innovative school like eSucceed presented its target audience.

They had a website that they didn’t love and they were experimenting with a variety of marketing strategies, but they had no idea if they were effective. They needed to be purposeful in their marketing to grow their brand awareness and to target the students that would be ideal for their unique virtual learning environment.

The Process

While working on market research with eSucceed, our process was to dig as deep as possible to discover who their target customer truly was. We took a deep dive into their target customers’ minds: which included researching where they were obtaining their information online, what were they searching for in search queries, what types of media did they prefer to consume, and we even interviewed some current parents of students enrolled in eSucceed to see what sets eSucceed apart from the competition.

During the research phase, we also conducted an extensive website audit into technical, content, and user experience aspects of eSucceed’s existing site to identify opportunities for improvement.

The last step of the research phase was to research their competition. We assessed how competitors were positioned and perceived online compared to eSucceed in order to identify opportunities eSucceed could take advantage of and stand apart.

Our research led us to a marketing strategy that was focused on reaching their target audience through a variety of goal-driven campaigns.

The Result

Through extensive research on eSucceed and its target audience, we were able to help put together and implement a strategy directed towards grabbing the attention of the students and families that fit the ideal audience they were striving to reach.

Through working with Keystone Click, the eSucceed staff gained the appreciation of being specific in their marketing efforts instead of shooting darts in the dark. Most importantly, when the strategy began to be implemented, not only was their website generating more traffic, but they were receiving a record amount of inquiries about the school!

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