McAdams Graphics

The Challenge

McAdams Graphics has been providing companies across the country with sophisticated direct mail printing and mailing services for more than 35 years. They offer endless print possibilities to help their clients reach their target customers and stand out from the competition.

McAdams Graphics reached out to us in 2020 for Marketing Research & Strategy to identify areas where they could grow their brand digitally.  We identified their website and LinkedIn page as two important channels to further establish themselves as thought leaders in the print industry. There was an opportunity to tell the McAdams Graphics’ story more effectively and consistently on both channels, with strategic messaging and tactics that engaged their audience online. McAdams knew that in order to grow their brand, they needed to do so digitally which is why they enlisted the help of the Keystone Click team.

The Process

Brand awareness was the focal point of all marketing efforts for McAdams Graphics, and the first step in doing so was to build messaging to begin creating consistent touchpoints with their audience. For McAdams, we developed a strategy to showcase their expertise through consistent blogging and utilization of their LinkedIn page to share valuable content.

One opportunity that we identified in our marketing research was the resurgence of direct mail. Posting blogs and sharing content on how direct mail can work in tandem with digital marketing efforts — as well as how direct mail can be used to achieve the best results — not only educated their audience but also encouraged them to look into incorporating direct mail into their current marketing strategy. Sharing McAdams’ own value-infused content and the latest industry news allowed for an overall content strategy that is easily digestible and informative for their audience.

Another strategy used to grow brand awareness of McAdams was through a monthly newsletter. The goal of the newsletter was to achieve high levels of engagement by designing the newsletter to be highly personalized and value-focused. This ensured that the McAdams team had consistent touchpoints with their contacts, all while sharing valuable resources.

The Results

For McAdams, brand awareness increased consistently across all their digital channels throughout 2021. From 2020 to 2021, McAdams saw a 23% increase in followers, a 91% increase in impressions, and a 91% increase in reach on LinkedIn. Not only was the content on LinkedIn being seen, but it was also being engaged with as they achieved nearly a 50% increase in website traffic coming from their LinkedIn!

From a website standpoint, the consistent publishing of value-driven blogs resulted in an increase in website traffic of 8% and an increase in organic traffic of 14% from 2020 to 2021. Email marketing from the highly personalized newsletter also turned out to be extremely successful, with open rates averaging 30% throughout the year.

Now that McAdams Graphics has succeeded in growing their brand with new digital marketing initiatives, the next steps will be to employ additional strategies to ensure that their brand continues to grow.

Be sure to check out McAdams Graphics for yourself to keep up with their blog and to learn about the best practices and latest news in the direct mail industry!