The Milwaukee Admirals

The Challenge

An old website is never good, especially when you’re a professional sports team and you need to constantly update information that grabs the attention of your fans. That was the predicament facing the Milwaukee Admirals as they had a website that was over 8 years old which just wasn’t doing the job anymore. Along with being outdated, their old website did not have integration with their ticket sponsors which caused fans to leave their site whenever they purchased tickets.

The Admirals needed a website that was eye-popping, functional, updated with new technology, and that grabbed the attention of not just the fans that were looking for the schedule and promotions, but also the fans that wanted to dig deeper into player stats and analytics.

The Process

Our goal throughout the process of working with the Milwaukee Admirals was to integrate live scoring, statistics, and data, provided by the Admirals as well as the AHL, and enhance it as much as possible. By creating the website using a WordPress builder, these enhancements were made in an extremely visually appealing way for visitors while remaining functional and user-friendly for those making edits on the back end.

One of these enhancements was the addition of live stats during games so even fans who weren’t at the game could follow along. In order to grab the attention of fans, promotions that the Admirals were running were added in multiple forms on multiple pages across the site. We knew that it was a huge pain for the Admirals that they couldn’t sell tickets directly from their old website. As a result, we made sure we integrated the ticket-buying system so fans could now purchase tickets directly from the Admirals’ website.

Listening to the challenges that the Admirals faced heading into their website project helped us make sure that every need was addressed above and beyond all expectations so that they could have a website that they could be proud of!

The Results

The Milwaukee Admiral’s new website was met with excitement from fans all across Wisconsin! The Admirals enjoy how easy their new website is to edit and how it can handle quick information changes and the massive spikes of website traffic that come with being a professional hockey team.

The Admirals finally had a refreshed website that was visually appealing and grabbed their fans’ attention. We can’t wait for the Admirals’ first game in October to see the rest of their website’s features including the live stats feature in action!

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