10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience and Interaction

Author: Jack Martin

Here’s 10 Quick Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Page Rocks!

Roughly 80 percent of businesses are on Facebook, according to a recent survey. Local or national based, Facebook can improve your company on multiple levels.How do you amplify your reach and exposure?Here’s a list of ten ways to help improve your Facebook page and the amount of interaction you will see on your page.

1. Advertise in-store and online

Put a Facebook badge on your website.Hopefully people are visiting your website, and then in turn they’ll go and visit your Facebook page.Advertise at your company, even if it’s a headquarters.Be as visible as possible.

2. Let your partners know

This can be done by changing your email signature or business card.Include a Facebook badge that includes a link to your page.The word should spread about your Facebook page in no time (assuming you are following the next couple of tips below).

3. Timeliness

Make sure you are posting on Facebook at times when people are online, and will be able to view your post.For this to happen you must know your audience – when are they online?

4. Post multiple times

Some people only log on during the morning, or at night, etc.Alternate your posts from morning to night.Keep a schedule that tracks what posts were going out in the morning, and which were going out at night.

5. Photos are awesome

Photos require no work for the viewer, and are widely known as the best way to gain interaction among followers.

6. Videos are a close second

This requires more work on the end of the viewer.Use an attractive description, and make sure there is a thumbnail… otherwise don’t use it!Keep it simple and short; make the video speaks for itself.

7. Utilize Facebook polls

They aren’t widely known about, but when they are used you will be generally surprised about the results.Make sure the vote is worthwhile, and not a question that has no “meat” to it.

8. Make use of analytics

Facebook Insights is made available to you directly on your page. See what kind of people you are reaching, who is looking at your posts, what kind of posts are doing better than other, and learn from the work you have already done.

9. Share other companies’ content

A share for a share can go a long way.Just starting out, or have a couple followers?Share someone’s photo, video etc.Tag them in the post and give them credit – maybe they’ll follow you and share some of the cool content you are pumping out!

10. Specials

These reel people in!Specials, discounts etc. are all great ways to get people to like your page.Even better are pages that force people to like your page before redeeming the offer (there’s software for this).

Combined, these 10 tips will take your Facebook page from average to outstanding and you don’t have to be a social media whiz to utilize them!

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