12 National Days You’ll Want to Put on Your Calendar

Author: Jack Martin

Over the past few months, I couldn’t help but notice my social media blowing up about certain days of the year. From what seemed like out of nowhere, I wasseeing things like, “HappyNational Doughnut Day!” and, “There’s never too much #nationalpieday.” Until recently, I was never aware of how many goofy national days there really are inthe USA.

So, naturally, I took to the web to see what other sorts of wacky days I could find. I stumbled across this real list of national days and decided to share my favorite one from each month. So without further adieu…

January 21: National Hugging Day

Who doesn’t love a hug? Get out there and love the world today!

February 17: Champion Crab Race Day

Is there a specific channel I can go to in order to watch this? Asking for a friend…

March 23: Organize Your Home Office Day

It is so great that there is a whole day dedicated to office organization and cleanliness. Offices are closed today, right?

April 16: National Stress Awareness Day

Use this time to get a massage or buy yourself or your friend a present. Puppies and cats are known to reduce stress!

May 14: National Dance like a Chicken Day

*cue chicken dance for 24 hours straight*

June 24: Museum Comes to Life Day

I’m not 100% sure if this actually happens, but don’t let that stop you from trying to ride a mammoth.

July 5: Workaholics Day

Good, because people who work too much are people too!

August 12: Middle Child’s Day

Shout out to all of you middle children. The world loves you!

September 6: Fight Procrastination Day

Use today wisely, kids. Fight it with all your might because you know tomorrow will be Procrastination 2.0 Day.

October 16: Dictionary Day

See how many new words you can learn today and try to use some of them throughout the day to impress people.

November 24: Use Even if the Seal is Broken Day

Risky business.

December 7: National Cotton Candy Day

Yay for brightly-colored sugar fluff on a cone! Because December isn’t already full of enough sweets…

Is there a fun way you would celebrate any of these days? Do you know about other crazy days of the year? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and maybe we’ll come celebrate with you!