3 QR Code Campaigns That Are Home Runs

Author: Jack Martin

As we all know, the world of social media is constantly throwing us curve balls and new ways to create a “buzz” around our products and services.  The latest curve ball however, isn’t going to be hit out of the park with a Louisville Slugger, but instead with your thumbs on a smartphone.  Mike helped us out in understanding the QR Code process back in April with his blog “Why QR Codes?”. So for our second trip around the bases with QR Codes, we thought we would share three of our favorite QR Code Campaigns.

If any company has done a great job of keeping up with technology and the latest trends it has been Lego.  Two things we love at Keystone Click are creative marketing and e-commerce. Lego’s campaign was used to push online sales of their “Brick Boxes” product.  They created QR Code designs out of Legos, and displayed them in public places such as malls, bus stops, and train stations.  Once a passerby scanned the QR Code on their mobile phone, they were brought to the site for that product.  With a 49% increase in traffic to that specific product’s page, Lego saw an increase in sales. Check out this video for more information on their campaign.
Time Magazine:
Since 1923 Time Magazine has been on the front lines of every news story that has swept across the world.  When they realized the value of QR Codes they took a dive into the artistic angle and began to use them as an advertisement to build their brand.  The use of relevant, serious news topics, along with the creative design in a QR Code caught the eye of many people on the streets of major cities such as Chicago. Check out some of the images!
Taco Bell:
Recently the fast food giant Taco Bell decided to spice up its burritos by partnering with MTV to promote the Video Music Awards.  When you receive a burrito or a soda, you can scan the QR Code on its container and access a music video. Throughout the duration of the campaign, MTV will be allowing access to a new artist weekly.  This is a fun partnership and creative use of a QR Code in the Fast Food industry.  Just be sure not to get any hot sauce on your smartphone!

Read more about Taco Bell’s campaign on Mashable.

As an interactive marketing fan I am always impressed to see large companies incorporating new ideas into their strategy.  Don’t forget to scan the QR Code with our logo in this blog!  Comment below to let us know what some of your favorite QR Codes are.