3 Ways to Encourage Repeat Site Visitors

Author: Jack Martin

New site visitors are always important. Repeat site visitors can have an even larger impact though. They know your product or service and are more likely to follow through with the sale, share your website address with others, or fill out forms listed on the site.

Three tips to encourage repeat site visitors:

1. Fresh content to your site daily or weekly.

New intriguing content is always a reason to visit a webpage. For example, think about some of the most visited websites and how often the site content is changing. MSN.com, Yahoo.com, CNN.com are just a couple of examples of sites of intriguing stories that continue to bring back visitors. Sometimes the stories are “recycled”, Meaning rather than writing new content every day, the owner of the website may post an article that was well received six months ago. Post news articles, write a blog, link informative pages related to your product or service are just a sampling of how to continue to have fresh content on your site.

2. Send emails to past and current customers.

Inform your past, present and future customers with the latest happenings within your organization or storefront. Are you offering a new product line? Has your service expanded into new markets? Any discounts coming up? Customers may be interested in hearing about that new product line or the expansion into new markets. Don’t forget to include a link in the email to your website!

3. Survey Questions or Contests.

Create a new survey daily, weekly or monthly related to your industry. Or better yet, have a monthly contest. Site visitors will want to know what the new question is and how others have responded to that question. Site visitors are always intrigued by contests. What is the contest, what is the prize, how do you enter, who can enter, when does it end? Just a couple of questions that will bring back your site visitors. Depending on the end result of the contest, your normal site visitors may bring in new visitors by inviting others to participate in the contest.

Keep your audience interested in your site and the visits will continue to grow. Review your website statistics to see how many visitors are unique versus repeat. Need more advice? Let’s talk today.