5 Benefits of Email Marketing You Might Not Know About

Author: Jack Martin

Some may tell you that email marketing is old-fashioned or even dead. Don’t listen. Run away from them. QUICKLY.

Think about how much time YOU spend on your email. A lot? Maybe a little too much? (Don’t worry, I’m guilty as well). A key component of email marketing is mobile marketing.

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In our highly connected world where phones are always in hand, email marketing and mobile marketing go hand in hand. In an article by Constant Contact, it was reported that 43% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Email marketing IS mobile marketing; email is no longer confined to the desktop computer.

Not quite convinced that you should be focusing on email marketing?

Here are 5 deliverable reasons your next move should be an email marketing campaign.


While we understand that only a fraction of your subscribers actually open the email, the difference is that the message will be guaranteed to reach its destination. At that point it is up to your readers to open and absorb. This is different from social media, where only a fraction of your audience will even see the message. (Source: SocialMouths)


Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, especially when used correctly. Keystone Click is a Constant Contact Partner. Not only do we use Constant Contact for our own email marketing, but we provide the Constant Contact services to our clients starting as low as $15 a month. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI is around 4,300%. Email marketing is practically paying for itself. (Source: Copyblogger)

3. Penetration

Chances are you know a lot of people (perhaps you are one yourself) addicted to their email. Studies show that there are more than 3.2 billion email accounts floating around the interwebs today. 91% of those 3.2 billion (you do the math) check their email at least once a day. (Source: Exact Target)


Email marketing providers make it easy to track traffic using a set of metrics: Open rate, Click-through Rate, Unsubscribes, Social Shares, Forwards, etc. These real-time reports help you decide what is working and what isn’t. Email marketing platforms allow you to learn more about your customer base. You can see what receives the most clicks, and start sending more content revolved around the subject.

5. Mobility

The ExperianQ2 2013 Quarterly Email Benchmark Studysays that 50% of all “Unique Opens” and 40% of all “Unique Clicks” happen on mobile. To remind you, 43% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

So what does this mean? Your emails must become mobile friendly. This may sound complicated, but email marketing providers are making it simple.

You can use email marketing as a powerful marketing resource. Once you’re set up on an email marketing platform, it’s key to make a strategy to maximize your efforts. It’s easy to lose focus on sending out one email a month (or more). Just remember the ROI you’re seeing by clicking ‘send.’

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