9 Hot Topics from Bloggers on Blogging

Author: Jack Martin

Need to stay ahead of the blogging game but not sure how?

Before you start to randomly jot down your thoughts in your WYSIWYG tool, search Google for some quick headlines regarding your topic. A number of bloggers have probably written about your topic already. I’m not saying copy the content, because we all know that is against the law. Instead, reference the content, the writer and link back to the blog as a sign of respect and acknowledgment to the original author.

Linking is one of the most important behind-the-scenes aspects of blogging; sharing ideas and communicating via a simple HTML code goes a long way. Linking helps promote valuable content online and also helps with the SEO rankings. Linking to a blog you enjoy reading usually makes the author of the blog aware of your interest via a Trackback. Check out Cruftbox.com for a quick visual explanation on Trackbacks.

Seeking some answers to your blogging questions? Here is a list of 9 hot topics from various bloggers on blogging:

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How did I find these excellent posts on blogging? I searched Google for blogging tips and blogging advice. There are many great resources out there for new bloggers looking for blogging advice. Start searching today for more useful “how to blog” tips and advice from experienced bloggers.Want to learn more about blogging and killer content? Contact us; we’d love to help!