9 reasons why I should have a CMS (content management system) for my website.

Author: Jack Martin

Change is good on your website for a handful of reasons.

1) Search engines love seeing new fresh content on websites. A CMS allows you to easily add new content, or change existing content. SERPs (search engine result pages) have a number of variables in how results are listed, one of them being “freshness of content”. A content management system gives you the freedom to add new fresh content easily.

2) Your business changes and evolves as you grow, so should your website. Why should you have to pay a developer for additional text changes or adding product to your website when you can easily do it yourself with a CMS.

3) CMS websites are scalable and easy to grow, they are built for growth and can easily add pages, blog posts, calendar events, photo galleries, product shots, customer testimonials and so much more.

4) Flexibility and sophistication come with a content management system. The CMS is extremely flexible for growth, as previously mentioned. And sophisticated because the technology continues to advance everyday.

5) No need to know the techie stuff. Creating websites involves custom coding such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and a handful of other languages (and acronyms). A content management system eliminates the need to know the code, but still update your website.

6) Allow restricted access to your team. A content management system allows you as the site owner, to give different levels of access within your website to your team. So, if you want Mary to only have access to adding new blog posts, that’s all she gets. But Bob is in charge of updating the product catalog, then that’s all he gets. A CMS gives you the ability to delegate the responsibilities of maintaining a website, giving you more time to focus on your business.

7) You have control over your website. No need to wait for your web developer to add this picture, you can do it in 5 seconds. If there is a spelling error, login and make the quick fix, again 5 seconds and the error is corrected. Really, its that simple, if you know how to make a word BOLD in Microsoft Word, you can make your words BOLD on your website.

8) Easily update anywhere. Well, anywhere you have access to the Internet. From home, the office, or your web friendly tablet. Login and make the changes that you need to make.

9) Learn how to use your new website in a few minutes. Seriously, you don’t need to take a semester long course on how to update your websites. It’s really that easy (as long as you know the basics of navigating the Internet and using Microsoft Word) it will be a quick learning process.

So many choices for content management systems. Which one is best to use?

Some have licensing fees, or contracts. We prefer to work with open-source CMS. Open-source meaning that its free to use. Our time is to set-up the CMS to work the way you want it to work. Our favorite is the Drupal content management system. Read more about why we like Drupal in this recent post titled Why we like Drupal as our CMS.

What is your CMS of choice and why do you like it?