Basic FYI on your Basic SEO

Author: Jack Martin

SEO? What is SEO?

It’s an acronym used in the internet marketing industry. Broken down, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of building a website to be search engine friendly. Basically, if you are selling widgets, and someone goes to a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Etc.) and types in the word “widgets”. Whose site would you want to show up on the first page of Google? Yours of course! Well, SEO is the continuous process to assist your website in the top placement under the keywords that directly relate to your product or service.

There is a phrase that is well known in the search engine optimization field that truly sums up the SEO practice:

Content is King, Linking is Queen.

The content on your website needs to reflect the search words that your target audience will be typing into a search query. If you are selling widgets and your website talks about your great customer service without referencing the word “widgets”, it is unlikely you will show up once “widgets” is searched.

The second half of that statement, “Linking is Queen” is actually just as important as your content. Search engines have spiders (hence the word WEB) that crawl from website to website. The path they take to get from one site to the next is by the links that are built in the site. As you can see on our website, we have a number of links exiting our site and pointing to other sites.

Now, don’t go and add a bunch of links to your site just because. Links are given a rating by the search engines. Its almost a popularity contest. Whoever has the most links pointing to their site, receives the higher rating. The quality of the links play a high role as well. However, it’s not that easy. But these are the basics of SEO.