Best of 2012 Posts

Author: Jack Martin

A summary of our favorite posts created throughout the year.  Enjoy!

Best of 2012
Why reaching customers online might not be worth your time

Creating website traffic and ultimately conversions into sales are what makes online marketing a viable service.  If your web traffic is high, but site visitors have low visiting times, it shows there is something wrong with your website.  There is no point to having a high traffic rate, with no end-result.

Presidential Election: Twitter’s Historic Reaction

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama received the much deserved attention from social media, especially on Twitter.  The latest election was one of the first where social media was used as an avenue for targeting voters.

Responsive Design: Is it right for you?

With mobile expected to surpass desktop browsing in the near future, now is more important than ever to consider a mobile website.

Integrating Pinterest into your Social Media Strategy

Marketers shouldn’t ignore Pinterest any longer. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today. There were 11.7 million monthly users in the United States recorded in January.

Getting closer to your customers – How Google Plus can help

Google, the almighty of search-engines today, was kind enough to host a session on how to utilize Google Plus during Social Media Week in Chicago.  Our host was Amy Ravit Korin, Google Local Regional Community Manager Lead for the Midwest United States.

Think Before You Tweet: 2012 London Olympics

If you have been watching the Olympics, or even just the news for that matter, you have most likely been exposed to the controversy surrounding Twitter and the 2012 London games.

Non-profit Organizations Using Social Media to Promote Their Cause

What easier way to inform a large variety of people about a certain cause than to do it with just the click of a button. Non-profit organizations have actively been using Social Media sites to promote their causes, while also sparking conversations on the topic among followers.

How Social Media #GivesYouWings

It isn’t much of a surprise anymore when you tell someone that Red Bull is doing all of the right things in their industry.  Being the top selling energy drink in the world, you would expect that of them.

Why a professional photographer is important for your web presence

With over 150,000 URLs being purchased everyday (, it’s hard to make your website stand out.

How to find your first creative or marketing job out of college

Often times, we receive inquiries from marketing students or graphic design students asking for some professional advice and pointers on getting their first internship or position.

So many great success stories, resources and articles to share online.  We are excited for what the new year will bring and can’t wait to keep all of you informed with the latest trends, tools and resources to keep your online success coming.  Anything in particular you’d like to see us blog about in the new year?  Please comment below!

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