Browsing for a Web Browser

Author: Jack Martin

Having the right internet browser will make or break your web experience. Where does yours stand? We took it upon ourselves to investigate the top 4 browsers available and give you our run down. So, will it be Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox? Stay tuned…

Google Chrome:

38% of the readers vote on Mashable’s website for best web browser. Some perks are that there are flexible tabs for browsing along with private browsing. It also features an integrated download manager. Being a Google product, you can also count on easy-to-use features and tools throughout the search engine.

Internet Explorer:

Version 8 is exponentially better than IE6, so that’s a big start from where this browser was before. For starters, it’s much more secure than the predecessors and offers private browsing. The grouped tabs add to its now much cleaner. IE also features a compatibility view to fix any display problems that may arise with different sites.


With over 6,000 add-ons and high-speed and 52% of the Mashable vote, Firefox looks to be a leader in web browsers. It features an integrated search engine as well as the usual standbys of private browsing mode and tabbed browsing. There’s also the use of open video audio and HTML5 audio/video support. Did we mention that this was all free?


Most Mac users know this as the browser that comes standard on the apple desktop, but it is no longer exclusively for Apple products. There is also a “save tabs” feature. However, there are some pitfalls to using Safari; it offers no parental controls or anti-phishing. While it is a lightweight browser, it’s has only a 1pixel wide frame in attempts to be non-obtrusive but also causes display issues.

Our favorite? We’re going to have to go with Firefox.

But it’s a personal fit just like a computer or website. Find what works best for you. Just make sure you update it each time an update is available so you’re not missing great web content because of an outdate browser.

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