Company Growth Allows Keystone Click to Expand Into New Office Space

Author: Jack Martin


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Gregory Brey

Keystone Click


Company Growth Allows Keystone Click to Expand Into New Office Space

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (July 15, 2015) – In response to increased services and higher demand from their evolving client base, Keystone Click announces their expansion to a larger office space within Milwaukee’s Third Ward district. Though Keystone Click’s address will not change, the staff will now refer to a spacious third-floor loft as their new “home” overlooking Buffalo Street in the historic Marshall Building.

Keystone Click has seen steady expansion since 2011, when they transitioned into their first private office space. With an extensive office renovation completed in March of 2012, the team was able to comfortably welcome two additional employees. Today, Keystone Click stands strong with a team of ten employees; three of whom were hired in the last seven months. As a result of contracting various new clients within the last couple years, Keystone Click has reached new heights in each facet of the agency’s services.

Lori Highby, president and founder of Keystone Click, commented:

“Our move to the new office space feels bittersweet. Our old space was our first home, and it’s where we put our heart and soul into molding ourselves as a brand. At the same time, our client base has continued to grow, and the new office has become a necessity for our expanding team and work-flow. On behalf of my team at Keystone Click, we are proud to announce our expansion, and are looking forward to the projects and memories we will create in our new home.”

Keystone Click is a woman-owned digital marketing agency located in the Third Ward of downtown Milwaukee, WI. Through the utilization of online tools and resources, Keystone Click is focused on converting targeted leads into actual customers for their clients. The Keystone Click digital marketing process centers on developing and providing customized “blueprints” for each client to increase bottom line ROI.

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