Content is King, Linking is Queen – SEO Strategy

Author: Jack Martin

SEO – Linking is Queen

Ideas to improve your linking strategy

As with any search engine marketer you will hear all about linking and how important it is to the SEO success of your website. Here are some ideas to improve your linking strategy and help your website rank well for the keyphrases you are targeting.

Submit your site to directories


Make sure to keep your content fresh

SEOmoz had an excellent article about Fresh Content written by Cyrus Shepardwhich identifies how Google is measuring the “freshness” of your website. This post has 10 areas that are identified as for freshness. Make sure to take a peak at it.

Use the tools that are available to you online – validate your code. Incorrect code could have penalties on your rankings. – get a detailed peak into areas on your website you can make adjustments to help with your SEO rankings. – check out what your competitors are doing with online marketing – check out what your competitors are doing online

Guest blog and include links back to your website

Guest blogging quality content related to your industry and then including a link back to your website in your bio helps with the content and the linking portion of the site.

Utilize social media

Every piece of content on your website should have social media sharing capabilities. When someone shares your content, it is posting it on that social media channel, which is creating a back link back to your website. Likewise, post your content on your social media channels. The latest social media channel that really helps with your SEO rankings is Google+. Make sure to create a profile and a page and post your articles on those channels.

Post to Social Bookmarking websites

Post your content on websites that are all based on content sharing. Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit are excellent places to add a link back to your website. However, don’t just post your content, take the same approach as you do with sharing content via social media and post other links that you find valuable.

Share comment other articles

If you find a piece of information online useful, share it, post it on your social media channels, comment on the post (including a link back to your website in the comment), acknowledge the source of your information on your website. Tag the owner of the comment if sharing on the social media channels to give them credit, but also let them know you are sharing the information. If they see you are sharing their information, the chances are higher that they will return the favor and share your information as well.

SEO – Content is King


The easiest way to continue to add content to your website is to blog. When blogging, think about topics that are often discussed in your industry and write your own point of view on it. Consider types of inquiries you receive related to your industry/product/service and answer those inquiries as blog posts with a thorough explanation of why. Make sure that each post you write is adding value, not just writing to write, but writing to educate.

Read other blogs and websites

Reading other blogs and websites can help to inspire you with content and approach. Don’t steal information, use it as inspiration and credit the blog who inspired you by linking back to them.

Custom landing pages

Another way to add content is to create custom landing pages that cater to very target keyphrases. Utilize your blog posts to link to these pages within your website.

Have a strategy for your content

Identify your goals and answer these questions while doing so:

– What is your target industry?Write to your target industry. Make sure your content is approaching your target industry in their jargon. Answer the questions that this industry most often asks.

– What is the main purpose of my website?

Make sure your content states your main purpose. Often websites will not directly say what their purpose is, and site visitors are left confused and unsure of what they are doing there.

– What is the added value my website is offering?Why should I stay on your website any longer than I already have? Is there more information that you are wiling to share with your audience without giving away your secret recipes?

By answering these questions with focus and quality responses, you will have driving factors to your content.