Defining the Web: Part 2

Author: Jack Martin

Here’s our 2nd installment of web jargon in layman’s terms:


In CSS, half-leading is the leading split in half and applied equally to the top and bottom edges of the element’s content-area. The difference between font-size and line-height, applied equally above and below the content-area for each element.


A kludge is an awkward (but at least temporarily effective) solution or work-around to a design problem.

News Aggregator

A software program the periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML formats, finds the new bits, and displays the results on a single page.

Sans Serif

Sans serif is a a style of typeface without the short lines stemming from the upper and lower ends of a letter that are present in serif typefaces. Sans-serif fonts are usually the best fonts to use for ease of on-screen reading. Verdana was actually created specifically for this purpose.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Started by W3C and its members in 1997, this initiative addresses web accessibility issues. Visit the WAI site for more information.

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