Defining the Web: Part 3

Author: Jack Martin

DNS – Domain Name Server

This is a computer used by your ISP to store the database of IP addresses and their associated Domain Names. When you type a Domain Name into your browser, your ISP consults the DNS database to translate the name into the appropriate IP address, then broadcasts your request onto the Internet.

Image Map

Areas of an image on a web page that have links to other areas of the Web. Some types of images map can have alt tags on the areas, while others must have text links.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the process of quickly generating mock-ups of what a website will look like.


The difference between the values of line-height and font-size. It is the extra space between the lines of text above and below the font’s size.

Local Navigation

Local navigation is a type of navigation where choices lead to subtopics defined by one of the main menu subjects.


A site devoted to sending out spam, it is considered a locus of evil in the modern world.


Zip is a compressed file format.

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