Defining the Web: Part 4

Author: Jack Martin


In CSS , a value is a length, quality, type or URL assigned to a style property for an element. CSS properties each have specific ranges of value or token types which may be declared for them.

Replaced Element

A replaced element is one that, when the page is rendered, its contents are replaced by something else. Examples of replaced elements include images, form inputs, and objects.


Readability is the degree to which the meaning of text is understandable, based on the complexity of sentences and the difficulty of vocabulary. Indexes for readability usually rank usability by the age or grade level required for someone to be able to readily understand a reading passage.


In CSS, a margin is a property that allows the author to specify how much space will be inserted between other exterior elements and the current element border.


Granularity is the extent to which a larger piece of information has been broken down into smaller units.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

A language for vector graphics coded in XML . XML documents can have these graphics placed directly into the document, with many advantages. SVG produces graphics that are smaller, transmit more quickly, are scalable without loss of resolution, can have searchable text labels, and allow links to part of an image. It is being developed by the W3C.

These terms were compiled from UMN-Duluth

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