Digital Natives Ep: 1 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

EP 1 – ChatBots, Brand Ambassadors, Moz Layoffs, and Big Hollywood Marketing Budgets

During The Digital Natives Cast’s first ever episode they introduce you to four of their regular hosts; Matt, Josh, Kevin, and Anna. Together, the four hosts explore a range of topics, from new marketing technology to industry news that could have a profound effect on your day-to-day business! The specific subjects they discuss this week are as follows:

Digital Natives Introduction [1:00]
Moz Layoffs [1:47]
Sausage’s Party Marketing Budget [10:24]
Brand Ambassadors [18:52]
Facebook Chatbots [25:57]

Moz Layoffs

Kevin delves into the recent Moz layoffs and begs the question, is this a dark omen for marketing departments or is it simply an effort for Moz to prioritize their target market!

Moz lays off their content marketing team, about 1/3rd of their work force (around 60 people)
“I think it’s great that these key players are going back to their roots and focusing on what they’re good at” -Josh
“It makes sense that a company that large would need to specialize. If you look at HubSpot, for example, they’re doing content marketing really well so it makes sense that Moz would focus on local, paid search.” -Matt
“These companies, to stay afloat, can see the future and they know they need to be 100% better.” – Kevin

Sausage Party’s Marketing Budget

Movie marketing budgets have been shifting to increase in digital arenas, Josh looks to find out what everyone thinks it means for the future. The Sausage Party marketing team focused only on digital mediums, using Snapchat, Twitter, and other digital mediums to reach their targets.

Sausage Party had the largest digital marketing budget in the history of Hollywood
They constructed a very specific target market, Millennial men 18 – 25
“One of these players in the movie industry are trying to invest more into digital marketing which I thought was a pretty good sign for the tools and tactics that we’re using here.” – Josh
“You’re seeing the trend right now on hyper-targeted ads” -Kevin
“I was on YouTube and I saw Seth Rogan pop up on a bunch of channels I follow… After the video he’s like, Oh wait, by the way I’m in this movie.” -Josh

Brand Ambassadors

Sharing your brand with customers is all about trust and awareness, Anna discusses brand ambassadors and what kind of influence they can play for our business.

“You’re seeing Instagram followers that are becoming brand ambassadors. Oh, you have 10 thousand some followers? I’ll pay you X dollars to wear this shirt!” -Kevin
“A woman’s clothing company had 10 different celebrities on Instagram wear the same dress on the same day and not pay anyone and there’s been some HUGE backlash.” -Matt
“There’s a gray area between Brand ambassadors and brand sponsorship… Brand ambassadors are actually passionate about a product or service and they’re invested in this because they believe in it.” -Josh

Facebook Chatbots

Matt looks into one of the new releases by Facebook, chatbots. What kind of implications does it hold for businesses and how’s it being used?

“You can have a conversation with a company and it’s not just, I’m going to sell you this and I’m going to tell you about my company, it’s an actual conversation!” -Matt
“It’s a great first line of defense to have a chatbot deal with smaller level things like, hey I want to know where my package is.” -Josh
“No one can keep up with Amazon in the customer service scene… This gives us a fighting chance against Amazon’s standards.” -Kevin

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