Digital Natives Ep: 2 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

EP 2 – Sports, Home AI and IoT, The Death of the Fold, Keeping Content Quality

This week we hear from the usual hosts, Matt, Kevin, and Josh as well as a newcomer, Min about developing technology and trends that have big implications in the areas of marketing and technology. From Ai to web design trends they talk about:

Sports in Digital Marketing [1:04]
Mark Zuckerberg’s home AI and the Internet of Things [8:44]
The Fold is Dead [14:54]
Keeping Good Content Quality [19:29]

Sports in Digital Marketing

As a large tennis aficionado, Josh lets us know his thoughts after attending a big tournament and reading about some big developments in sports advertising.

“Something like 50% of viewers prefer to get their news from Twitter so they’re breaking away traditional sites.” – Josh
“Rumor has it that on U.S. open grounds it’s nearly impossible to take a selfie or picture without getting the U.S. open logo in it somewhere.” -Josh
“(Talking about VR) It’s going to happen, you’re going to watch concerts from your couch, you’re going to watch sporting events from your couch, it’s just coming down to licensing” -Kevin

Mark Zuckerberg’s home AI and the Internet of Things

Mark Zuckerberg has recently been trying to build a powerful home AI system that will act as your assistant in your day to day activities. As a lover of all things AI and Tech, Matt guides the group through a talk about what it means to us.

“Everything is becoming centralized within your home off of one system.” -Matt
“I think Amazon is always super keyed into how consumers shop and want things to be there right away.” -Josh
“People want things to be easy, with the way life is getting more complicated, the easier it is to be like; Ok, my fridge will email me on my way home and tell me I need milk.” -Kevin

The Death of The Fold

Our resident design expert, Min, shares her thoughts on the development of user experience in web design by looking at one of the oldest concepts, the fold. Is it dead or alive, check out the groups thoughts

“Right now we’re living in a generation of people who scroll” -Min
“The best place to put your call to actions is actually just below the fold, that’s where the most people will actually see it.” -Min
“I feel like we’re in an age where we just want as much information as possible before we make a decision so when you see a scroll bar you’re like ok, what information am I missing?” -Josh
“You can’t know where the fold is anymore because there’s something like 4000 different screen sizes.” -Min

Keeping Quality Content

During a recent Twitter chat hosted by Express Writers, Kevin discussed all things content and came away with some interesting thoughts which he shares with the group at large. You can find their #ContentWritingChat hosted every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. central time, join us and share your thoughts.

“I think the main thing (to creating good content) is really understanding your target market.” -Josh
“Short form content was king up until a few months ago and that’s no longer true, long form is starting to take over again.” -Kevin
“You always underestimate the power of nostalgia, something you liked comes around again and suddenly everyone wants to jump on it.” -Matt

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