Digital Natives Ep: 3 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

EP 3 – Social Shopping, Image Shopping, Targeting Content, iPhone 7

Josh, Matt, and Kevin get together to talk about all things shopping and how modern marketing tactics are being used to supplement sales. With campaigns like the iPhone 7’s release and new technologies to help shoppers buy products there’s a lot changing and they cover it all!

Social Shopping [0:50]
Image Shopping [9:20]
Targeting Content [11:25]
iPhone 7 Release [19:10]

Social Shopping

Many social networks have begun implementing buttons to allow you to instantly purchase objects off of user’s pages. Josh explores some of the applications and implications of these changes and what it means for the future of online shopping.

“You’re starting to see a lot of articles pop up asking what the big marketing trends for 2017 will be and a lot of those lists say buttons on social networking sites that let you instantly buy a product is there.” -Josh
“Right now, retailers are spending 52% of their ad budgets on mobile because they know people are on the go on these social platform and they want to capture their eyes.” -Josh
“While almost every website is seeing at least 50% of their traffic from mobile, the way E-Commerce is split is that it sees closer to a 60% or 70% mobile traffic but the vast majority of purchases comes from laptops and desktops.” -Matt
“When I purchase most of my high end stuff I’ll see it in a video… And then I’ll spend another hour researching the things I see before I make the purchase.” -Kevin

Image Shopping

Google is always pioneering new search methods and one it’s been perfecting has been searching based on images. This week, Matt discusses the implementation of this feature into Google’s shopping section.

“So, you see someone walking with something you like, maybe it’s a shirt or maybe it’s shoes, and you just take a picture of it, throw it into Google, and then it’ll show you where you can buy it.” -Matt
“I could see this getting a bit creepy though, see someone walking on the street and you’re like, oh hey I like that shirt *Click*” -Matt

Targeting Content

There’s a constant give and take between the concepts of targeted marketing and broad form marketing and Kevin pauses to weigh the pros and cons with the members of the cast.

“In terms of search of and just showing up I can’t see the bad thing in being hyper focused.” -Josh
“We need to be focused and know what we’re good at and who we’re trying to sell to but at the same time, anyone else could come in and see it and somewhat identify with it a little bit.” -Matt
“If you’re targeting really high end stuff and weeding out millennials completely, well who are you marketing to? Those are the people who are on social, they’re the ones who are going to share your stuff… You’ve got to have a balance.” -Kevin

iPhone 7 Release

Together, the Digital Natives Cast members take a look at the release of the iPhone 7, the marketing tactics used, and the contrast between what Apple is doing and what consumers are looking for in their newest release.

“Apple’s release video titled, Don’t Blink, was just done so well, it really makes you want to buy an iPhone and I’m an android to the death sort of person.”
“I have an iPhone 6 and the thing we all really wanted was the ability to wirelessly charge and a longer battery life and we didn’t get either of those… I’m starting to look at that and say there’s going to be a turning point where consumers stop.” -Kevin
“When industry leaders are looking at this device and going, why would I buy this, as a consumer I’m wondering why I would buy it!.” -Kevin

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