Digital Natives Ep: 4 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

EP 4 – VR, Referral Marketing, and Content Sources

During episode 5 Matt, Kevin, Min, and Josh discuss some of the biggest innovation in technology that are being applied to the marketing tactics of the future. With great role models for marketing campaigns and a particularly bad one for designing tech they discuss it all.

Referral Marketing [1:15]
Where You Find Content [6:37]
VR Content [17:21]

Referral Marketing

A satisfied custom can often times be your best marketing piece when it comes to spreading the word about your business. Anna discusses the idea of referral marketing to see why it’s so successful for some business and how it’s being used.

“Sometimes when I receive a coupon and they ask me to give it to a friend I see that as work.” -Anna
“I think it’s a little too transparent in a sense that you’re using me. “-Kevin
“To me it’s kind of like they’re going to skip the customer service part and just offer you discounts instead.” -Matt
“If you’re receiving good services from someone or a good product you’re going to want to share about it regardless.” -Anna

Finding Good Content for Social Media

Managing social media accounts has become a job on its own and it’s only made more difficult by the sheer amounts of un-credible sources or poorly written blog posts. One of the single biggest struggles many content marketers face is finding good content and that’s exactly what Kevin discusses this week, where do you find it, how do you get inspired, and what makes it good?

“I don’t feel like I have one specific thing that inspires me in particular. I’m observant of what’s going on around me in the city or trend wise.” -Anna
“For me, the hardest part is starting out and suffering from writer’s block. I can’t force it, I need to get into a flow and it will kind of come to me and I can get it done.” -Matt
“One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is that if you can’t come up with something, you’re just not feeling it then switch your subject, write about something you’re passionate about. It’s going to come out so much better.” -Matt

VR Content

Virtual Reality is gaining moment very quickly and Matt is quick to jump into the discussion with the group. This week they take a look at the way virtual reality content

“I’ve been seeing a lot of car companies that have been making 360-degree test dive videos recently.” -Matt
“When we actually have the VR sets being common in households that’s when it’s going to be a really big thing.” -Kevin
“I think that the one area that can capitalize on this most is the travel industry.” -Matt

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