Digital Natives Ep: 5 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 5 – Live sports experience, Captain Obvious campaign, iPhone design flaws, Fiction vs Non-Fiction storytelling

During episode 5 Matt, Kevin, Min, and Josh discuss some of the biggest innovation in technology that are being applied to the marketing tactics of the future. With great role models for marketing campaigns and a particularly bad one for designing tech they discuss it all.

iPhone Design Flaws [0:49]
Captain Obvious Marketing Campaign [7:00]
Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Storytelling in Marketing [11:42]
VR Live Sports Experiences [19:40]

iPhone Design Flaws

As an aficionado of design, Min has taken a special interest in the newest iPhone and some of the issues it’s having in particular. Whether you’re looking for an iPhone 7 review or you want to know what went wrong in the design phase and the implications for the future, she discusses it all.          

“With the new phone they’re trying to get the jet black shiny finish but they also announced it’s prone to tiny micro abrasions.” -Min
“If you look at the way Samsung vs Apple have been marketed you’ve got something like, Hey you might want to buy a case for our phone versus Samsung who has commercials with celebrities throwing their phones in water and pouring champagne on them.” -Matt
“Their new products are trying to look sleek with one solid surface and it’s sacrificing the quality” -Min

Captain Obvious Marketing Campaign

As someone always interested in the quirky and unique marketing campaigns, Matt has taken a special interest in the latest move by and Captain Obvious. Their Twitter page has recently taken on the shape of a presidential campaign and dad joke professional all at once! Check out some great insight on some of the current and past amazing marketing campaigns

“They’re ( are doing a lot of things that are in front of technology trends like livestreaming.” -Matt
“I’ve only seen their commercials but they do a really good job of bringing in the same humor and approachability so I think they’re doing a great job over there of just making sure everything has the same tone and messaging.” -Josh
“If something is memorable you’re going to continue to use it.” -Min
“I think this teaches you really well that if you know your demographic, that’s what your content should be towards.” -Kevin

Fiction vs Non-Fiction Storytelling in Marketing

Marketing is based around storytelling and Josh isn’t called the wordsmith for nothing. With his own experience and some advice from industry leaders Josh takes a look at some of the ways that content will be written going forward in marketing.

“Things that are less manufactured and more raw are what’s going to be more popular going forward.” -Josh
“The real appeal of Twitter is that I’m reading directly from celebrities or athletes point of view and that’s the whole appeal of social media. If you can take that same experience and apply it to live video… That connection is what people are really seeking out.” -Kevin
“I think it’s interesting because the main thing you hear about millennial and younger generations is that they buy into an idea rather than a product.” -Matt

VR Live Sports Experiences

The inner sports fan in all of us comes out when Kevin brings up the future of live viewership through virtual reality. Would you prefer to watch an event in person or watch it as if it’s in person? The cast members each weigh in and let you know what they think.

“You could watch the Ohio State vs Oklahoma game in virtual reality where you had your own press box and you could watch from a bunch of different angles.” -Kevin
“I would imagine the businesses are scared of it because if you can give a fan the same experience sitting at home instead of going there, why would they buy a ticket?” -Josh
Talking about how attending sporting events will continue to be relevant, “I think this will develop our typical sporting events, if you look at eSports events, some of them might have a live DJ or a light show and players are trying to be more dramatic, there’s a theatrical aspect that’s been added that other sports don’t have.”

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