Digital Natives Ep: 7 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 7 – The future of AI and VR plus logo redesigns

Episode 7 features some great commentary from Matt, Min, and Kevin about some big logo changes, virtual reality, and the future of artificial intelligence. At the end of the discussion they all weigh on the recent Google conference and the innovations being brought forward from it. In addition to all the great information they’re sharing this week, The Digital Natives Cast took some time to highlight some great supporters of the cast, a special shout out to Troy Sandidge Angelica Mata and the GIFWolfPack on Twitter!

Big Logo Redesigns [1:50]
The Future of VR [8:00]
The Future of AI [18:43]
Google Conference [26:30]

Big Logo Redesigns

From Facebook to MasterCard many notable brands have gone through big logo redesigns. Min uses her graphics background to help explain why brands decide to redesign notable logos, why it’s important to update your designs, and how it’s being done.

“A lot of brands are simplifying what their logos look like.” -Min
“I think imagery is such a big trend, so many brands are just focused around being able to identify them without needing to say a word.” -Kevin
“I thought the Instagram change was interesting even though it seems like it’s different than all the other changes.” -Matt
“Another popular thing is creating a logo system where you design one logo and change it so that there’s a skin on top of it like the Google Doodle.” -Min

The Future of Virtual Reality

As a big fan of Virtual Reality and a soon to be owner of PlayStation VR Kevin takes a look at where VR is now and where he sees it going in the future. While flashy games are interesting will more conservative applications take the spotlight?

“VR is one of those things that looks SO COOL but then again there’s a whole other big barrier for entry, you have to get all the equipment, developers have to also have the equipment, and then you need special equipment to develop on it.” -Matt
“What’s fascinating about this one (PlayStation VR) is that I think that entertainment is what’s going to decide if VR will work or not.” -Kevin
“I’m wondering if PlayStation VR will be a soft launch because they don’t want to spend all the time advertising it and then flop.” -Min

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Skynet to Google there’s a lot of assumptions of what AI is and where it’s going, Matt takes some time to try and break down the current state of AI and the group discuss where they see it going in the future.

“On one hand people think of a robot that’s playing board games and winning and on the other hand you’ve got a robot that’s dominating the world so there’s a really big disconnect from where we think AI is and how people understand it works.” -Matt
“The number one spot I see AI expanding is in the Internet of Things area with smart homes and things.” -Matt
“I think anything that’s going to make your work or your home life easier is the stuff that’s really going to gain traction and what people will really find helpful.” -Kevin

Google Conference Predictions

Google will hold its big conference where they shake up everything we know about technology in the coming week and we have each of our cast members weigh in on their predictions for what the big reveals will be at the conference!

Matt predicted Google will release a next generation cell phone and smart home hub [Mostly True]
Min predicted a new more powerful smart home hub [True]
Kevin also predicted the new smart home hub [True]

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